This post is a continuation of the 2015 New Beer Every Day Beer Diary Challenge, #ottbeerdiary.  Over the course of 2015, I drank at least one new beer every day. Please read the background in the link above, and enjoy reading about the most recently tasted beers below. This year I may deviate from the diary format in some posts, hoping to concentrate more on the locations and the breweries I am enjoying. If you’d like to join the challenge as well, let me know in the comments below. You can catch up on all of our posts as part of the challenge under the tag ottbeerdiary.

Day 877: May 26, 2017

Half a day of work, then time to continue on the gorgeous Hemelvaart weekend.

First a stop by Foodstock food truck festival at the TU/e (Technical University of Eindhoven), which was much more tame than yesterday, when Facebook indicated that they were totally full, with lines of over 45 minutes for drinks during the afternoon.

Then into town to Van Moll to enjoy the patio and a few tasters that I still hadn’t gotten to on my Wednesday visit.

Ishtar by Van Moll – 6% ABV Speltbier – Florally perfume aroma. Flavor malty and bitter. Quite a bit more bitter than I expected. Tempers the spelt malt well.

Soft Rock Saurito by Van Moll – 4.7% ABV Session IPA – Smooth, fruity aroma hinting of some bitter. Flavor is soft. Light malt. Light bitter. Not too light bodied.

Sooty Otter by Neobosski – 8.5% Black IPA – Dark, roasted malts and caramel aroma. Smoother, fruity flavor, candy sugar and banana. Good, even bitternsss. Quite nice.

The Beer:

Sweet Mistress by Sori Brewing and Stockholm Brewing Co.

Sweet Mistress by Sori Brewing and Stockholm Brewing Co.

Name: Sweet Mistress

Style: Salted Caramel Imperial Stout

Producer: Sori Brewing in collaboration with Stockholm Brewing Company

Alcohol content: 9.4%

Bottle size: 0.33l bottle

Purchased from: Van Moll, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Sweet Mistress by Sori Brewing 🇪🇪 in collaboration with Stockholm Brewing Company 🇸🇪. 9.4% ABV Salted Caramel Imperial Stout. Chocolatey black fruit aroma. Thick cocoa, some coffee, and light salt flavor. Very good body. Definitely worth getting some air into this one to bring out max flavors and aromas.

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Sweet Mistress by Sori Brewing #OTTBeerDiary Day 877

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