If you feel out of balance and found yourself in a funk with your wellbeing and not sure how to get out of it, here are some simple mindset tips to reset your self care routine and help you feel fabulous.

We’ve all been there when there have been periods in our lives when we just don’t feel like ourselves.  Whether that be from feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, lacking motivation, bored of the same old routine – it’s an inevitable slump that we all go through and a significant episode in our lives when it does happen.  These ruts often signify that it’s time to hit the reset button and change things up a bit, whether that be to our daily routines, what we’re eating, exercise routine or being kinder to ourselves.  Plus, this time of year feels emotionally draining as we wait to transition into spring leaving us feeling a bit ‘meh’ and lacking vibrancy.

One thing’s for certain when we feel like we’ve hit a wall that we can’t get past, our self care routines and rituals often suffer. When you’re living in a whirlwind of restlessness and unease, the last thing that you probably feel like doing is practicing self care, even though it’s at these times when you need it the most.  

With that said, it’s perfectly normal to feel unhappy with your life, we all know that it’s not unicorns and rainbows all the time. You can read my post, Why It’s OK to Have a Bad Day here.  However, it’s important to have a solution up your sleeves to help you feel more like yourself again. 

It’s essential that we nourish ourselves unconditionally, even when we’re in a funk.  Looking after our emotional health is fundamental for optimum health, and giving it some attention every single day will support us in every aspect of our lives for the better.  

If you’re feeling stuck and unsure about how to get your self care practices back in check here are some tools to help you press that reset button and get your life back into balance. 

Start off small to rediscover that magic groove

When we want to get back into something it can be tempting to jump right back in and try to do too much. There is no shame in starting off small with your self care to get you back on track.  It can be as simple as making time to read a couple of pages of your book, making a hot chocolate, lighting a candle, treating your skin to a beautiful night-time routine. Whatever small thing you decide to go with it shouldn’t feel forced or make you feel uneasy otherwise you’re going to struggle to build on it.  Try to remember that self care isn’t about the big and expensive gestures, it’s about the little things that lift and help support you. 

If you feel out of balance and found yourself in a funk with your wellbeing and not sure how to get out of it, here are some simple mindset tips to reset your self care routine and help you feel fabulous.

Know that you are doing the best you can

After a period of feeling unsatisfied and being in a funk, you may feel like a bit of a failure or start comparing your life to someone else’s – the inner critic tends to turn up its volume when we’re at our lowest.  Know that at whatever point you’re at you are doing your best and be happy with what you’ve achieved. Even if you have only managed to have a shower, that’s fine because that’s what is manageable for you right now.  We’re all on different journeys and at different stages in our lives, so focus on you and remember to be kind to yourself. 

Embrace the Power of Reflection and Gratitude

Using the power of hindsight and looking back at the good in your life can be a cathartic experience. I’m constantly looking for the good in my life, especially when I’m feeling low to remind me that no matter how bad things may seem there is still some sunshine in my life.  Writing down what you’re grateful for rather than having lots of things floating around in your head is more intentional and it helps to see them written in front of you. 

How do you hit the reset button after a period of feeling stuck?  What one thing are you grateful for today?

3 Ways To Reset Your Self Care Routine

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