As pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate, this easy and elegant Beef Tataki for 2 is the perfect prelude to a beautiful evening with that special someone, especially if they happen to be a true meat lover!

Let’s pretend for a second that there was actually a man in my life and that he and I had planned on spending a lovely evening together, just the two of us. No work, no phone calls, no distractions from the outside world. Even the animals would have to keep a low profile…

Of course, part of the plan for the evening would be to enjoy a good meal together, have a glass of wine maybe (yeah, I do that sometimes, you know!) and exchange thoughts on subjects that we’d both find fascinating, like the nutritional value and amazing properties of cauliflower, for instance, or what movements we were planning on incorporating in our next workout.

Then we’d obviously move on to playing a never-ending game of chess or Monopoly, or watch hockey or something…

A serving of beef tataki with cucumber and radish salad served on a wooden board with a fork in the foreground

What? Isn’t that what couples do when they get to spend some quality time together? Watching sports on TV isn’t a part of that? Are you absolutely certain?

Hmpft! Looks like I might have a little bit of of catching up to do in that department…

One thing I do know for sure though is that this Beef Tataki would definitely be part of that evening’s menu. I honestly cannot think of a better dish to serve on such an occasion. I say you set that plate down between your man and yourself and you’ve just set the table for a successful, prolific evening. More food might have to follow, of course, like something sweet and chocolaty, you know… but this sure would kick things off the right way!

And the best part is, you get to do most of the work in advance, so really, this will be ready for you and on the table in mere minutes, leaving you with more time on your hands to tackle that game of bridge, you know… continue reading

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Beef Tataki for Two

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