Cheesy, savory, Veggie Egg McMuffins get GREENS into your kids first thing in the morning, even on busy mornings!


When you’re taking care of little ones, you pretty much HAVE to know a few time-saving tricks to get you through busy weekday mornings. Here’s one I can’t live without: I pack my kids’ lunches the night before. (If I don’t, no matter WHAT I do in the morning, we end up fifteen minutes late for school.)

Another strategy I swear by to save time in the morning is to make our family’s breakfast ahead of time. I batch-cook waffles, muffins, and lately, these Veggie Egg McMuffins, and store them in the fridge or freezer so they’re ready to heat up and eat at a moment’s notice.

There’s nothing quite like waking up on a Monday and serving a healthy homemade breakfast without lifting a finger. Plus, it’s pretty great to have zero dishes to clean up until lunchtime.

A Fresh-Flavored Egg McMuffin

These McMuffins taste super fresh, even when defrosted from frozen. I can’t resist spinach as the main veggie in these, but if your family prefers other veggies like bell peppers or mushrooms, feel free to swap in what you love. Any veggie you choose is a veggie that gets eaten BEFORE noon. Which basically makes you a super parent.

I serve ours with a side of fruit and they make a totally satisfying morning meal. And since the veggies are finely-chopped and mixed with eggs and cheese, there’s a good chance picky eaters will give these the thumbs up, too.

Solid Morning Nutrition

Veggie Egg McMuffins might sound a little like fast food, but these savory breakfast sandwiches provide perfectly balanced nutrition to your kids before school or play.

The eggs are scrambled and baked together with fresh spinach, finely-chopped onions, garlic, and cottage cheese for a yummy, vegetarian, protein-filled sandwich.

For the English muffins, I always buy whole wheat. Not only does it provide better nutrition than white flour, it also sets the tone for what’s normal food to eat at home. My kids are going to shop for themselves someday, and I hope they’ll reach for whole wheat on their own!

When I pack these sandwiches for the freezer, I put a cold slice of cheese on top of the eggs, then double-wrap it in parchment paper and tin foil. When the sandwich heats up in the oven, the cheese melts over the eggs. So delicious. Enjoy!

Freezer-Friendly Veggie Egg McMuffins

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