Christmas Muffins with eggnog, fresh cranberries and walnuts that will make your whole house smell like Mrs. Claus’s kitchen! 

Christmas Morning Muffins

Christmas morning can be hectic!  Kid’s running around the house, pulling you out of bed, begging to open their presents and rummaging through their stockings.  These Fresh Cranberry Christmas Eggnog muffins are perfect to bake the night before and then all you have to do is zap them in the microwave if you want them warm or just serve them cooled!  They’re perfect to eat under the tree as you see what Santa brought the family.

Christmas Muffins with cranberriesSugared cranberries for baking

The Best Muffin Ingredient

The best muffins are those made with buttermilk.  It gives them an amazing flavor and texture.  In this recipe we decided to use something that is equally amazing in flavor and texture……Eggnog!  It is cinnamony sweet with a hint of nutmeg and a whole lot of holiday.  It gives these muffins an edge that will make you want to make them every Christmas. If you don’t want to use store bought eggnog in this recipe, you can also use our Healthy Eggnog Recipe!

Christmas Muffins with eggnog. cranberries and walnutsChristmas Muffins with all the flavors of Christmas

Ingredient Swaps

Make these Christmas Muffins perfect for your family! Not into walnuts? Leave them out (but they are a great source of omega-3’s which is why I used them). You can swap them for any type of nuts or white chocolate chips if you want to make these more of a dessert muffin.  Don’t like eggnog?  Just use regular buttermilk.   You can swap out fresh cranberries for dried but I will say I love using fresh cranberries in baked goods! The flavor is so bright and festive!

Christmas Muffins with eggnog

Muffin Tips

Don’t over mix the batter.  As soon as the dry and wet ingredients are incorporated stop mixing!  If you work the batter too much your muffins will be tough.  Also, make sure your oven is preheated all the way before you put the batter in!  The high heat helps the batter to rise properly.

Enjoy our Christmas Muffins!

Fresh Cranberry Eggnog Christmas Muffins

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