These Grain Free  Sugar-Free Pumpkin Pancakes are a perfect fall breakfast that even your teen can make! They’re low carb, gluten free and have no added sugars!

Partnering with Silk these last few months has been the best thing that has happened to my family. Their #Inspired campaign has been a Godsend to me! My theme was to get my kids to be more independent in the kitchen and it has truly and wonderfully made such a difference in all of our lives!

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Not only did we create new and delicious recipes together, that were all geared for my kids ages. The little man who is just 9, has made some fabulous no heat cooking recipes with me and my daughter just 12, has also made some wonderful treats and lunchbox snacks!


But today’s recipe was a goal of mine to get my reluctant 15 year old to cook at the stove. I knew he could do it, but he never wants to. He’d just rather me do all the cooking for him and that was not going to work for me anymore!

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I asked him, “How do you know when to flip?” He said, “Flip it when it’s good”.

Yep. That is a 15 year old. I gave him some tips but he did well on his own.

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Although he really didn’t want to participate in this adventure this year, I think he’s glad I pushed him into it. Having confidence is the kitchen is an important skill I want my kids to learn. He’ll be off to college in  just 3 years so this makes me happy he can actually fend for himself rather than rely on others or have to eat unhealthier options for convenience.

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These pumpkin pancakes came out fantastic! Soft and amazingly grain free! Not a lot of coconut flavor if that’s a concern for you. The pumpkin is the star in these pancakes!

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In case you missed all my other cooking adventures with my kids here’s the breakdown:

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This recipe was first posted in September of 2015 and updated today with a video!

Grain Free Sugar Free Pumpkin Pancakes

Author Brenda Bennett |Sugar Free Mom


  1. Blend all ingredients into a high powered blender until smooth.

  2. Heat 2 tbsp coconut oil in a large skillet.

  3. Use 1/4 cup measuring cup to fill batter.

  4. Make 5 pancakes.

  5. Flip once batter is bubbling around edges and center, about 5 minutes.

  6. Flip and cook additional 5 minutes on this side.

  7. Heat remaining 2 tbsp oil and finish cooking another 5 pancakes.

  8. Enjoy immediately topped with butter and choice of sugar free syrup. (I used Sukrin )

Recipe Notes

Net Carbs: 5.3 grams per serving

Nutrition Facts

Grain Free Sugar Free Pumpkin Pancakes

Amount Per Serving (2 pancakes)

Calories 228
Calories from Fat 150

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 16.7g

Saturated Fat 12.2g

Cholesterol 144mg

Sodium 420mg

Total Carbohydrates 11.1g

Dietary Fiber 5.8g

Sugars 1.1g

Protein 7.1g

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

Grain Free Sugar Free Pumpkin Pancakes (Low Carb and Gluten Free)

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