How CabinZero Has Changed the Way We Travel

We’ve been sent a few travel products over the last couple of years, things like organizers, keepsakes, and travel pillows. Product reviews aren’t really my thing but I do it as a way of helping out emerging brands. The way

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Green Peanut Butter Sandwich + Smoothie

Hey! First of all, thanks for all your cheering words on the news of our marriage. That was fun! Secondly, I’ve promised 778 people on instagram that we would share a chocolate recipe which currently goes by the working name Taco Brownies. But all the interest

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Favorite Tools & Toys for Traveling With Little Kids

In preparation for the holiday travel season, we are sharing a few of our hard-earned tips for traveling with that most delightful of age brackets: babies and toddlers. OK, parents of little ones: We’ve all been there. You arrive to

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Recipe: Moroccan Stuffed Romano Peppers

Sweet, roasted romano peppers, lemony giant couscous and harissa-braised chickpeas… this is a surprisingly simple supper that looks great and tastes even better.  Romano peppers are the long, pointy ones now quite widely available in supermarkets.  They work well here

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15+ of the Best Thanksgiving Desserts!

Pin26 Share1 Tweet Yum Stumble +1 Shares 27 Looking for a unique Thanksgiving dessert recipe? You won’t want to miss this roundup of over 15 of the BEST Thanksgiving Desserts! Celebrate Thanksgiving with these 15+ Thanksgiving desserts! I literally can’t

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Recipe: Slow Cooker Butternut Dhal

In collaboration with Redmond Multicookers What a gift it is when you discover a food that’s a) deeply satisfying winter comfort-food, b) incredibly easy to make, and c) low-fat, high-protein and very good for you, all at the same time. 

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Tasting Rome Ebook Sale Starts November 20

Tasting Rome Ebook Sale Starts November 20 I know there’s something special about leafing through a cookbook that cannot be replicated via digital media–not to mention it is incredibly gratifying to stain a book’s pages with bits of sauce and

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5-Day NO Sugar Challenge

Congrats on accepting the FitMenCook 5-Day No Sugar Challenge! I once read an article that suggested it was easier for people to give up sex than it was to give up sugar. And if you think about it, they may be

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pin it!pin it!Not an emergency recipe for stuffing or pie today, nope. Just a spicy-sweet-tangy sipper to keep your immunity vibing and your stomach calm (perhaps after some feasting?). If you’re a last minute planner, all of my best holiday

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