What to Eat in Andorra: The Top 10

What is Andorran food? Here are 10 local dishes worth seeking out. Photo by Jordi Troguet Ribes With a population of only 85,470, the Iberian country of Andorra may be tiny, but it has plenty of attractive lures for visitors:

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A rainbow of cookbooks

By Nancy Anne Harbord Leave a Comment I recently rearranged my cookbooks in colour order. It’s wildly impractical, but it looks so pretty I don’t want to change it. Some of my orange and pink favourites: Do you have any

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5 Things Israel Can Teach Us About Hummus

Hummus in Tel Aviv. All photos by Naomi Tomky. Hummus—which hails from all over the Middle East—is a way of life in Israel. A survey recently found that 93% of Israelis eat hummus each week, and some eat it more

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Air Fryer French Fries

5 Smart Points 176 Calories Crispy french fries made in the air-fryer, with just a small amount of oil! Since buying my air-fryer, I’ve been keeping it on my counter and playing around with it. Of course, I HAD to

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Q&A: Zara Quiroga, Author of Lisbon in 100 Bites

We were excited to hear that Zara Quiroga—Portuguese food and travel writer, and one of the two forces behind travel site Backpack ME—had released an e-book called Lisbon in 100 Bites, for the purely selfish reason that we are planning

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A rainbow of chilli powders

By Nancy Anne Harbord Leave a Comment Did you know chilli powders came in so many colours and flavours? This rainbow of chilli powders is from my favourite chilli shop Spices on the Web – check them out, the freshest, most

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Warm Pears & Baked French Toast

Want a hearty and full breakfast in the morning that will take less than 10 minutes to prepare? Try this make-ahead Warm Pears & Baked French Toast. Prepare everything the night before and then pop it in the oven the

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Liquids Only with Dara Dubinet

For the past several weeks, my dear friend Dara Dubinet has been filming her very first DVD. If you don’t know Dara, you need to get acquainted: Celebrity raw food chef, feng shui aficionado, specialist in the art of living

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