Cinnamon for Weight Loss: Does it Work?

by Sarah Published: September 14, 2017weight lossNo Comments In herbal medicine, the benefits of cinnamon to health are numerous and impressive. I’ve written before about how I use a teaspoon of freshly grated varieties in my morning smoothie. The season determines

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Where to Drink Cocktails in Paris

In May, Imbibe Magazine sent me to Paris to report on the city’s cocktail culture. Over the course of five days, I tried nearly 30 bars (I hope to overcome the lingering hangover some day), including institutions like Harry’s New

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Small Batch Canning 101

Whether you are new to canning or are already a canning expert, this detailed look at small batch canning (with tons of general canning tips and info) has everything you need to know to make home canning and preserving a

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As with nearly all my recipes, this one came together randomly, unplanned, and turned out to be pretty irresistible. This isn’t so much me trying to brag about my cooking skills as it is simply an example of how ridiculously

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Pasta e Ceci (Pasta with Chickpeas)

Jump straight to the Pasta e Ceci recipe My love of beans, lentils, and all pulses has been expressed many times. They are nutritious, delicious and so flexible, they are a dream for anyone who loves to cook. They can

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Why I Chose a Plant-Based Diet

Your biggest decision in health is what kind of diet you’re going to choose. I call this a decision because it has, at some point, to be a conscious choice. Most people don’t choose anything. They just continue consuming the

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Spinach Hummus Lunch Wraps

This month, we have a ton of airplane travel coming up. Not to complain, but travel is one of those things where I LOVE the destination(s), but don’t love the journey… especially the food that’s often available during the journey

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