Skinny Cheesy Pasta Bake

Skinny Cheesy Pasta Bake is a delicious layered casserole made lighter by using ground turkey and whole wheat pasta! This Skinny Cheesy Pasta Bake is a crazy delicious layered casserole made lighter by using lean ground turkey, whole wheat pasta

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Caramelised halloumi potato wedges

Make healthy potato wedges dramatically better with a crispy halloumi coating, roasted until caramelised. Dip in thick, cooling yoghurt seasoned with tangy sumac, fresh lemon and garlic.  Great as a crunchy, tasty party snack or serve as an easy side dish. Highly

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Eggplant Bacon Revisited

It’s been a couple of years since I made Eggplant Bacon. I absolutely loved it then, so I’m not sure why I waited so long to recreate it. Perhaps it’s because I remembered thinking it was fairly high in fat.

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Recipes From Afar: Congee Two Ways, Old and New

“American Girl Porridge,” courtesy of Kimberly Nichols My obsession with Asian porridges started years ago, when I found the cheaply made and nutritious bowl of ancient Chinese food called congee listed as one of the most nutritious foods in the

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One thing I used to love about Holloween as a child were the ‘Toffee apples’ (aka Pomme d’amour as the French call them…. such a great name!!) my Mom used to make for us. I felt like making a healthier

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Fudge gives me life. As you probably know by now: I am in a committed relationship with chocolate. I make it nearly everyday and if I go through a 24-hour period wherein I don’t consume this heavenly food, I feel

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Chewy Granola Cookies

Loaded with so many tasty flavors and textures, these delicious granola cookies are incredible (can use homemade or storebought granola)! Soft and chewy, they are a cookie lover’s dream! Ready for a unique and delicious new cookie recipe? If you

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