Grilled Salmon Kebabs

5 Smart Points 267 Calories These lovely grilled salmon and lemon kabobs are delicious and easy to make – with mega omegas in every bite! Seasoned with fresh herbs, lemon, and spices and grilled to perfection. This was last night’s

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Halloumi watermelon salad with basil

This halloumi watermelon salad recipe features hot, toasted halloumi crusted in earthy, nutty nigella seeds. Layered on sweet, fruity watermelon and herby salad, with pomegranate seeds, garlic, lemon and chilli. Absolutely packed with healthy summer flavour. This fresh salad is a huge plate of

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Watermelon Fruit Pizza

Fun, fresh, and juicy, a Watermelon Fruit Pizza will wow your kids and guests at any backyard party. Get out your sunglasses and beach towel… Summer’s here! And we’re in that beautiful window when whole, fresh watermelons are at their

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The Top 10 Myths About Eating Fruit

Fruit is a symbol of “health food,” yet it’s also the one natural food that’s vilified the most by many trends of the natural health and raw food movements. This unscientific trend has also been picked up by the largest

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An Oat is Never Just an Oat

Porridge for breakfast isn’t unusual in our house and it’s been Aiden’s favourite breakfast since we started weaning him, so it has the toddler seal of approval.  Since oats are a cupboard staple for us, it was wonderful to be

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Recipe: 5 Fruity Salad Dressings

The very simplest of green leaf salads can be totally transformed by a knock-your-socks-off salad dressing, and I’ve been making the most of all sorts of lovely fresh fruit we’ve had around over the last few weeks to experiment with

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Marinated halloumi baked in vine leaves

Halloumi marinated in chilli, lemon and garlic then wrapped in vine leaves and baked until soft and juicy. Served with buttery whole grain freekeh, a juicy tomato-avocado salad, creamy Greek yoghurt and romaine leaves for scooping everything up. This dish is a variation of a recipe I saw in

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Hampton’s Retreat

Our Hamptons blogger retreat, featuring our stay in NYC and Watermill, NY, was so much fun! I am so excited to give you a glimpse of all that we did (and ate)! There’s truly nothing I love more than getting

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Recipe: Skinny Beetroot Hummus

If you’ve read about the national hummus crisis you may be wondering quite how we will all cope with a shortage our favourite middle eastern dip…. but don’t panic!  Hummus is in fact ridiculously easy to make – if you can open a

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