David Wolfe’s Recommendations on the Best Foods and Herbs for Beauty

In this interview we asked David a few questions about his recommendations for the best beauty-boosting superfoods. While there are a few very familiar and easy-to-find friends in this article, you’re also likely to meet a few new ones you may not have realized were key to gorgeous skin and radiant beauty from the inside out! We asked David, “Which superfoods should we try to include in our lives in order to boost our natural, radiant beauty?” and here’s what he said:

Aloe Vera For Healing Skin, Scars & Erasing the Signs of Aging

David: Aloe vera is so big on that list, it’s ridiculous. And, I’m talking about the fresh stuff.

Stuff that is in bottles already is missing certain enzymes that have very powerful catalytic effects for healing, that make aloe vera, really, what it is. With the fresh stuff, you get it. You get all of it. In particular, there’s an active, very powerful anti-viral and anti-fungal compound that’s an enzyme, in aloe vera, that is destroyed no matter how it’s bottled. There isn’t one bottled product out there that really captures it, but the fresh stuff has it.

You fillet aloe vera, you get the gel out and then you blend it into stuff. Aloe vera has tremendous topical properties. When I am recommending that people use it topically, it’s obviously got to be fresh, filleted out so you get the gel out and then you put it on and you leave it on.

So, let’s say you have a problem area, like crow’s feet on the corner of your eye, or something like that. Take the slab of aloe and just leave it on there for five hours.

When you’re sleeping or whatever. Get it stuck on there, somehow, if you have a scar, or something like that. A few weeks of doing that, you’re in a whole different understanding of how to repair your skin.

Wrapping fresh aloe into different wounds, I could tell you grizzly stories of things that have happened to me over the years. For example, this one woman had a crater very close to her elbow, a deep gouge, very bad infection, like unbelievable. We packed it with vitamin C and noni and MSM and all kinds of different cool things that we had at that moment. I think we used colloidal silver to disinfect it. Then, boom, aloe on top of the whole thing, wrapped that up, put a zapper next to it.

In 24 hours this thing was half the size. Half.

Aloe vera is crazy when you really get into it. To me, it is the highest of all superfoods, it’s in that range. I mean, Cleopatra’s secret. It’s beauty food beyond the beyond. Inside and outside. Okay, so, aloe comes in.

Noni: The Great Polynesian Super Fruit for Beauty

David: Noni is like that, too. I can’t leave aloe, alone. That it’s aloe only, it’s noni, too. Noni is chemically very close to aloe vera and noni is the great Polynesian super fruit. It’s hard to get fresh noni when you’re out of the tropics, so noni extract, I mentioned in another conversation we had, putting that in with citrus juice, like lemonade as part of your morning thing. Or grapefruit juice.

Grapefruit juice is amazingly anti-inflammatory, and then you put the noni in there. That’s the bomb.com!

It’s soothing, it repairs all your digestive tract because it soothes any tissue that is irritated immediately.

Pure Chocolate for Strong Bones & Beautiful Teeth

Another big one on my list is chocolate, actually. It has to do with a lot of reasons. One, it creates strong bones. Chocolate creates strong bones and teeth, and it’s good for your teeth. Now, I’m not talking about some heinously, horrible chocolate bar, God knows what’s in your standard Milky Way chocolate bar. I’m talking about raw cacao beans, simple raw chocolate bars, that really have that essence.

The theobromine, first of all, kills off almost all bacteria that causes any problems in your mouth. Definitely kills streptococcal mutans, which is the exact bacteria which has been associated with causing cavities. Chocolate kills that bacteria. I just, even though my dentist friends have been telling me this was coming, I just saw my first chocolate toothpaste product.

I’ve been predicting that one for years, as you know. I think you’re aware of that. I’ve been saying that for years, that’s the next thing that’s coming. And when I was in Peru, strangely enough, I was in Lima and, boom, a friend pulls it out and there she had a full on chocolate toothpaste product. I was amazed.

And, chocolate is oil, right? Like, cacao butter, cocoa butter for your skin. Coconut oil is amazing. Olive oil is amazing. But, come on. Those things don’t even come compare to cacao butter.

It’s just not even, it’s just crazy. Cacao butter you can put in the fine pores near your eyes. Topically, it will go in. It is such a weird oil, whereas coconut oil will just gum up on your skin. It won’t actually absorb. The same with olive oil. But for some reason cacao butter is so finely particulated, it’ll actually get in there. I really like those kinds of oil treatments for the skin as a way of going about it topically. But, you could also get it just from the food internally. Cacao powder, raw cacao powder is one of the hottest selling things on the whole internet of all products that have come out in the last ten years.

It’s such a product. It’s such an amazing thing raw cacao powder. Because, basically what it is is Nestle Quick without all the garbage in it. Without all the slave labor, without the chemicals like lindane that they throw on it. You know, it’s like what you always really wanted, so you just hit the cacao powder and throw it into anything and it just goes. Cacao, if it agrees with you, is just the best news ever.

And medicine. And, what kind of pleasure? It’s like, oh it’s a chocolate drink, it’s a hot chocolate with all these goodies in it. Just crazy where it goes.

For Beauty From the Inside Out Use Shilajit, Shizandra & Goji

The kidneys are the most delicate organ in our body, in terms of the balance. You always want to really take care of your kidneys. There are really three parts to that:

1. One is water and salt.

Make sure you have the right amount of water for your body and the right kind of salt. I only recommend sea salt. That’s the only thing I’m into when it comes to salt for health. So, that’s the number one. Make sure you have the right water to salt ratio for you.

2. The second thing is, make sure you have food in the melon family.

Foods like cucumber, all the melons, honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon are great. And the seed of those melons, like, pumpkin seed, watermelon seed. And actually in the old days, we used to make drinks out of cantaloupe seed and/or honeydew melon seed where you’d put them. You know how you have the middle of the melon and a lot of times there’s the seed in there with all this other pulpy material, we used to take all of that, throw it in the blender, put a little bit of water in there, then pour it through a strainer, so you get the seed milk of the honeydew or the cantaloupe. That’s powerful medicine and it’s really kidney specific.

3. Number three is the herbs that support kidney health.

One of the best ones is Shilajit. We’ve talked about Shilajit before, it’s “black food.” Foods that are black are kidney specific. So, if you can get black foods into your diet, foods that are naturally black, I don’t mean charring red meat till it’s black, I am talking about things that are naturally black. Like, olives, tend to be really good for the kidneys.

Some of the Chinese herbs are very kidney specific. My favorites are romania, and he shou wu or ho shou wu, or polygonum multiflorum, is the actual Latin name of that. Very kidney specific. Schizandra berry, goji berry, if you want to bring beauty, health and healing and liver detox all together, Schizandra berry and goji berry–that’s an amazing combination.

Shilajit is a mineral pitch, a tar or resin that oozes out of the Himalayas, it oozes out of Mt. Everest actually, and the latest batch I got was from Mt. Everest. It came from Bhutan, I think Bhutan is on the southeast corner of Mt. Everest. There is a massive cliff there, finally the Bhutanese government put a group together to go down that cliff to get some Shilajit right out of a crack that is oozing out of that mountain. Shilajit actually means “born of rock, destroyer of weakness”.

You can RIGHT CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD this interview as an mp3.  You can learn more about David Wolfe and his recommendations for vibrant health and radiant beauty on his website and ridiculously popular Facebook Page. 

David Wolfe’s Recommendations on the Best Foods and Herbs for Beauty

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