[21-Day New Year, New You Challenge] Day 1: Paint the Picture Then Walk Into It

Only about 8% of people who set new year’s resolutions, actually stay committed and make them happen.*  And even then, only about 40% of people even make New Year’s Resolutions in the first place. So if you’re here, it certainly says something about how you are and how you want to live!

It’s easy around the first of January to feel that “fresh start” feeling, renew your hope and enthusiasm that this year will be better than the last. But routines settle in, distractions come and it gets pretty easy to fall off the enthusiastic goal-setting bandwagon and settle back into old habits. But not this year! This year we’re going to stick it out and make good things happen together. All you need to do is make sure you’re signed up to the 21-Day New Year, New You Challenge here.

So if you were among the few who set new goals and resolutions, and perhaps even among the rarer few who dare to commit to achieving them, then this little adventure is for YOU!

What Picture Are You Painting for Your Life?

I clearly remember the conversation I had with my dad about business nearly twenty years ago now. We were standing in my kitchen at the time, and he told me, “Tera, you have to paint the picture and then walk into it. And if you can’t see it, don’t start walking!”

To kick off the new year, I’ll be posting power podcasts, blogs and other inspirational tidbits designed to help you paint a clear picture of where you want to go this year, and give you a little support at “walking into it.”

Our goal with this 21-Day New Year, New You Challenge is to help you practice putting a little time and attention every day and directing it toward your goals and dreams.

The number of pressures, distractions, and moving parts to life make goal setting and achieving a mighty task. Those who make it usually had help and support and invested in themselves. This little check in every day is going to be like your spiritual multi-vitamin to boost your confidence, persistence and determination as you organize your life in the direction of your goals and dreams.

Lost At Sea Without a Map

Without goals and objectives in life it’s like being stuck in a ship at sea with no map.

The waves of life’s distractions and challenges just smash against you and leave you feeling confused and disoriented. When you have goals, you have something to reach for, a reason to get up in the morning and a destination toward which you can direct your time, attention and energy.

If you haven’t written out your goals for the year yet, then you can download our 21-Day New Year, New You Planner when you register for the challenge. In this planner, I’ve conveniently divided life into a few friendly categories for you so it is manageable.

I tried to make it cute, all you need to do is paint the picture of how you want these areas of your life to be, and together over the next 21 days we’ll start to take steps toward these goals!

How Our 21-Day New Year’s Challenge Works

A lot of people say it takes 21 days to create a new habit, so what the heck. Let’s check it out!

So one of the habits we’re trying to create throughout this challenge is the habit of coming in here every day to check in and reconnect with your goals. We brush our teeth and shower every day. We eat and sleep. But our goals are actually so much more important for making us FEEL alive, and we’re lucky if we put attention on them one day a year.

So every day when you receive a little love note or reminder about our challenge, check in with your goals. If you have them down, review them. If you made a dream board, spend a few minutes looking at it. If you’re really keen, then you might want to write them out again every morning and every night to really anchor them into your being!

You can use your FREE 21-Day Planner that you received when you registered for the program to help you out with this. The more you look at them, the more you will start to consider the ways your life needs to adjust to bring these goals and dreams into reality!

Then stay tuned and keep an eye on your inbox! If you ever miss your messages, you can always come back here and check on the blog, where I should be able to post the links to any content. If you use Facebook or Twitter, you can also check on those pages where I will try to post links to our content, as well.

Easy peasy. (Well, not that easy, since no more than 8% of people would stick to their guns for the year, but it’s certainly going to be a heck of a lot easier if we stick together!)

What are your goals and dreams for 2018? I’d love it if you shared some of them below. If you’re shy, you can reply to the daily messages, or come and message me on Facebook. There’s power in numbers and we love having you as a part of this with us!

Thanks again for being here and for your courage to commit to your goals and dreams with us!




You can access the podcast to accompany this blog post here.new year's resolutions, new year's challenge, 21-day challenge, goals, dreams, paint the picture

[21-Day New Year, New You Challenge] Day 1: Paint the Picture Then Walk Into It

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