Just in case… no cold or flu is going to get me.

For the past few years, my experience with any cold or flu has been minimal. If I do get touched by a bug, it only Lasted for about Half A Day!

I wouldn’t have thought anything of it the first or second time, other than to thank my lucky stars that it didn’t knock me out longer.

But, you know what? This past year, I’ve known a lot more people getting sick. A wicked sore throat sickness is going around – maybe you had it yourself.

And… I got it, too.

But, for like half a day. Moreover it wasn’t wicked for me. It barely affected me. Same for my family. Kamea had only a brief touch of it, like me. Greg’s lasted a couple of days, but it didn’t knock him out during those days (he was able to still work from home) and it wasn’t as long as what I’m hearing other people are experiencing.

So, it got me thinking of past years and getting sick.

And, you know what? Those recent years … I had only the briefest encounters with colds or flus as well.

So, I pondered 🤔 what it is that I’m doing to kick a cold or flu’s ass, and no, I don’t actually dress like that all covered up. That was for something else. I might share that “something” someday… I know Kamea would like me to.

I’m going to share with you what I’ve been doing the past years which seems to be working like a charm. We all know I’m not a doctor and I’m not pretending to be one. So feel free to talk with yours if you have questions.

Here are the 5 main things I do to kick a cold or flu’s ass.

1. Calm Down

This might sound weird, but I now firmly believe that staying calm has enabled my body to fight off invaders with lighting speed. It’s possible that this one thing could make all the difference (well, this and maybe the zinc I’ll tell you about below especially when dealing with sore throats).

So, what does calm mean and why and how?

It means that you relax. This means that your body is not stressed because as long as the nervous system is in stress response, the body’s natural self-healing will be switched off. We want the nervous system to relax so the body’s self-healing mechanisms can get to work. 👏🏼

How do I accomplish that? I owe it to Taoism and meditation. Both of those things have given me a ridiculously awesome normal state of chill and calm. How can you tap into that if you’re not familiar with those things? I recommend this one book, The Tao of Daily Life, and I recommend you get to deep breathing. Just start with your breath and take deep breaths. They will calm you down.

Also, force a small smile no matter what. 🙂 It’s proven that smiling boosts your spirits and when your spirits are boosted then your body has a better chance at healing. 🙂

(Read about one of my favorite meditation apps here. Read about How and Why to meditate here.)


2. High-Dose Vitamin C and a special form of Zinc

Vitamin C: I shared an in-depth article about high-dosing with vitamin C for various ailments. It’s probably not what you think, so do yourself a favor and read the article. High-dose is VERY high-dose. Once you’re done reading, here is the vitamin C I keep on hand: Liposome vitamin C and Vitamin C capsules. You’ll see that liposome is more expensive and much more effective some would say. Others say the good ol’ capsules are fine and cheap.

Zinc: There’s one form of zinc that will magnify your healing, especially when you have a cold or flu involving your throat. There is one company that I know of that makes this form in a lozenge. It’s from Life Extension and cheap – yay. That’s an Amazon link I provided, but you’re probably better off buying direct from them because they have great deals when you buy 4 bottles at a time.

Load up on it and follow the directions of Chris Masterjohn in this video below. This awesome shit WORKS! Every time for my whole family. Major secret weapon here.


3. Dr. Schulze’s Cold & Flu Herbal “Shot”

Cold and Flu Herbal "SHOT"
This stuff is like BOOM!


This little bottle is filled with a “heroic” dose of herbs that tastes like crap but is AMAZING. My mom calls it the “Shit Shot” because of the taste, but it can really keep your immune system boosted. (BTW, it’s not really that bad – it’s just…. errrr potent tasting.)

It really is strong stuff.

It’s not cheap, but remember it’s filled with quality ingredients in a heroic dose. When I’m sick, I’m willing to spend extra to get healthy fast. I usually wait until Dr. Schulze (the herb doc) has a sale, like buy two and get one free, plus free shipping. Then, I double down. I end up getting 6 boxes and I feel secure knowing that my family has the hook up.

From Dr. Schulze’s website:

The most POWERFUL and CONVENIENT herbal “SHOT” on the market

  • Dr. Schulze’s Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT” contains 20 POTENT herbs, premixed for easy use!
  • SUPERCHARGES your immune system to better protect you during winter months!
  • The Ultimate Weapon To Stop A Cold Or Flu!
  • One dose of Dr. Schulze’s Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT” combines the exact same 12 droppersful of Echinacea Plus and 6 droppersful of SuperTonic that Dr. Schulze prescribes in making either his Winter Health (prevention) or Blaster (treatment) drinks. It also includes many more herbal tinctures, herbal concentrates and even specific herbal-vitamin concentrates, like organic Acerola Cherry, Blackberry, Yarrow Flowers, Boneset Herb, Desert Sage Leaf, Lobelia Herb and Seed, Elecampane Root, Coltsfoot Herb, Horehound Leaf, Cherry Bark, Thyme Leaf, Licorice Root, Kola Nut, Coffee Bean, Fennel Seed and Elderberry. Now, all you have to do is empty one 1.5-ounce dose of the Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT” into a sports bottle and add up to 16 ounces of water and/or juice, and you have the Winter Health Drink. Or, just take 1.5 ounces straight, gargle, swallow it and you have the perfect treatment for a cold or flu. Nothing could be easier, simpler and faster…and more potent!


4. Sleep

I feel like I shouldn’t have to write about sleep, because who doesn’t know that sleep is when your body can do major healing? Sleep is one of the BEST ways for your body to heal. A fully proper and restful slumber is non-negotiable. In fact, you might need multiple nights of sweet dreams. Don’t even bother with the other four items if you’re not getting proper sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, deep relaxing breaths will begin calming you down and valerian is a favorite of mine.

Therefore, start here with sleep!

I can’t tell you how many people I know who are sick and not sleeping much because they’re “too busy.” Get it together and get your ass to bed.


5. Overall Healthy Diet

I’ll keep it simple, but plenty of warm drinks and foods, plus I drink a nice amount of green tea including matcha green tea powder. (I have tons of amazing matcha green tea powder recipes in my ebook here.)

Matcha is anti-viral.

A cup of matcha with one of my favorite books.

Also, no sugar because sugar can delay healing.

Otherwise, just plenty of healthy, real foods.


In conclusion…

That’s been my M.O. for the past years of avoiding colds and flu or fighting it champion-style, and what’d ya know? I haven’t gotten knocked out from any colds or flus. Sure there are amazing things like ginger juice (fights lung bugs) which is great or elderberry (studies show it reduces time of being sick with cold and flu). I also like retinol for staying healthy, too (that’s a classic).

There are a lot of things I could list, but these 5 above are my staples. I’m consistent with them. And, they work for my family big time.

So! Here’s to NOT getting sick with a cold or flu, and if you do, here’s to kicking its ass fast.Save















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