[Communication Challenge] Day 1: Be Present

Welcome to Day 1 of The Enthusiasm Experiment–a FREE 10-Day Communication Challenge and online course to prove you are as alive as you are willing to communicate. If you completed the preparations for the experiment, and downloaded all the goodies you’ll need then it’s time for us to dive in and begin taking on the ACTIONS that will get you the results you came here for!

With 3000 media messages a day bombarding your brain and millions of dollars invested in the next great advertising campaign for another thing you don’t need, a person can feel pretty distracted and insecure sometimes. The pain of the past and worries about the future can drag your attention out of the present moment, causing relationship difficulties and unhealthy responses to situations and people in your environment.

Whatever it is that’s got your attention by the cajones, this little fixer upper will get you feeling more connected, present and interested in life and the people around you, so give it a chance!!

“The present moment, if you think about it, is the only time there is.
No matter what time it is, it is always now.”    

-Marianne Williamson

You Started Out Strong and Brave, So What Happened?

Have you noticed that many children seem very willing to express themselves and take up space!  As a young child, chances are you didn’t worry too much about how you looked, what other people thought, or if your dreams were “realistic” or not. Most young children are willing to speak up, stand out and express big, fantastic, multi-colored dreams for the future. Most young children appear to trust life and trust themselves.

Then something changes. At some point along the path, life deals a harsh blow. For some, it starts early — at or even before birth. For others, it happens when school starts, but eventually, it happens — a sucker punch from “the universe” hits you smack in the gut.

It could be something like:

  • criticism or insults–about how you look, how smart you are, or what you’re capable of
  • an attack against you, your dreams, hopes, goals or intentions
  • pain–could be physical pain, emotional pain from loss or heartbreak, illness or accidents, etc.
  • a whole bunch of “seriousness” that seeps in at school–“write between the lines, raise your hand before you speak, keep your hands in your lap, your attention on your work and your opinions to yourself!”

Swirl it all in a media soup of fear mongering headlines and you have the perfect formula for an epidemic of low self-confidence which include the following symptoms that may cause you to:

  • hold yourself back from saying what you really think, feel or need
  • doubt yourself and are reluctant to pursue your dreams
  • believe that life is difficult, a struggle, dangerous, etc.,
  • worry more about the future than feel able to live in and enjoy the present moment
  • have your attention tied up in the past, so struggle to feel present and engaged in life
  • get stuck in their head “thinking” about life instead of just living it
  • spend a LOT of money on pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics and therapy that never actually solve the problem, but make loads of cash for big corporations. 🙂

And that is where many women, men and youth find themselves today.

Three Ways to Improve Your Results

The following three variables will significantly affect your degree of success on the 10-Day Communication Challenge because they will help you be more “present” and in the moment throughout this program!

#1) Act Fast!

The longer you drag out taking action on your daily assignments, the weaker your results will be. Science knows that the speed of particles determines power, and that’s no different here in this experiment. Don’t sit around and “think” about doing the action steps  or get caught in self-doubt, laziness or worry about what other people will think.

ACT FAST and you’ll see BIG changes fast, too!!

#2) Eat well. Sleep well.

The better rested and well-fed you are, the better your results will be.  If you’re dunking donuts all day and staying up all night, you’ll drain your enthusiasm tank and there’s nothing our cheerful emails or empowering action steps will be able to do to help refuel you. If you’re here to learn how to communicate and improve your relationships or personal situations in life, then consider this Lesson 1:

Anything that causes you to be less present, less attentive, less engaged is a MAJOR communication killer, and will cause you significant problems in your relationships with others, and your ability to enjoy life.  Prioritize self-care as much as possible during this experiment, if you are honestly committed to getting great results!

Which makes this next point another smart one to consider:

#3) Just Say, “No!” to Drugs & Alcohol During the 10-Day Challenge

You’ll have the rest of your like to swig on booze and smoke it up if you want to, but for the duration of this 10-Day Communication Challenge, I strongly, strongly encourage you to loose the booze and choose the lifestyle habits that will make you as present as possible to the information that I’ll be sending your way, and so that you can get the most out of the action steps as they happen!

The Time for Action Has Come

“Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.”

-W. Clement Stone

When you have honestly completed the exercise in today’s lesson (you’ll need to listen to the podcast here to understand what it is), then go ahead and post a bit about it below. Tell us what you did, share your results.

If you really are as alive as you are willing to communicate, then every action you take to share about your progress during the program, to tell others about it, to write to us and complain about typos, or just share your reactions, EVERYTHING will make you a little bolder, a little braver, a little brighter, so bring it on! If for any reason, you don’t wish to share your feedback on the blog, you can also send an email at any time to [email protected]

Today’s action step is an EASY one, but requires your personal discipline and follow through to make it happen! Just get out there and do what we’ve suggested, but the trick is to do it, UNTIL YOU FEEL BETTER, BRIGHTER and MORE INTERESTED. Then come tell us about it in the comment section below!

Thanks for your courage and participation! I can’t wait to hear how it goes!!




If you’re just stumbling upon this post now and would like to join the full 10-Day Communication Challenge, c’mon over and sign up from scratch. That way you’ll get all the juicy messages and be part of the team! Thanks so much for being here and for the courage to be YOU!

[Communication Challenge] Day 1: Be Present

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