[Communication Challenge] Day 2: Be Social

Congratulations! You’ve made it to Day 2! (Woot! Woot!!) If you completed your preparations, downloaded all your treats aaand, you’ve listened to Day 1 and completed your action step, then you’re in that 10% of world-changing weirdos who actually DO what they say they’re going to do! That pretty much makes you my new hero!


Now, let’s see if you’re up for more in our adventure together!

In a world of technology that gives the impression it is so much easier to stay connected with family and friends, it’s eye-opening to realize how much social media and the presence of electronics actually prevent us from being social on a person to person basis! We’re hoping the observations you made during your previous assignment will amp you up for today’s assignment, so get ready to unplug and reconnect with the real world. You can go ahead and listen to today’s podcast to find out the assignment, and then read below for more details, tips and even extra inspiration to motivate you to take action on this one!

Unplug From Electronics to Plug Into Life

You can catch the podcast for Day 2 here, and get the full download and juicy details about today’s assignment, but it has something to do with organizing yourself to unplug from electronics for 30 minutes so you can reconnect with yourself, others around you and life in general! Before you start your activity, take note of how you feel:

Where is your attention?

How do you feel in your body?

Continue to start to observe your body and personal responses to these assignments and throughout the day when you’re working on becoming more and more present in your environment! The more you become aware of what’s going on and how you feel, the more you’ll be able to change and improve it!

Try and make sure you do today’s exercise at least once before you move onto the next step and remember that each step builds upon the last, so stick with it and don’t be a talker, be a walker! DO the action steps to get the most out of your 10-Day Communication Challenge!

How to Plug Into Life When You Turn Off the Electronicsenthusiasm experiment communication challenge be social

  • go outside
  • have a bonfire
  • cook dinner together
  • eat dinner together as a family at the dinner table
  • check out a bunch of healthy recipes and plan a detox menu for next week
  • go for a walk or a bike ride
  • play a board game together
  • have coffee or tea and chat
  • home pedicures/manicures (for the girls)
  • find a ball and go play catch
  • play frisbee
  • play “hide and go seek” with your kids
  • put on your favorite music and have a dance party!
  • lay down in a field and look at the clouds, and talk about the different shapes you see

This list is just a starting point to get you started. It by no means complete! Think about things you enjoy doing that don’t involve being plugged in, and have a friend or family member join you! Most importantly, have fun.

This Will Definitely Inspire You!

This little poem will definitely inspire you to make it happen:

When you do this action step, let us know how it goes by posting in the comments section below! Talk is easy, reading and thinking about doing things is even easier. Action is where the real gut and grit and glory come in, so hustle your muscles and make it happen, then let us know how it goes below!

Love and a lot less electronic time,


 p.s. I said I would leave you the link to our family’s Digital Detox, so you can find a bit more about that here! Hope it’s helpful!

And just in case you wanted the link again to the accompanying podcast, you can find that here.

[Communication Challenge] Day 2: Be Social

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