[Communication Challenge] Day 3: Be Positive

Congratulations! You’ve made it to Day 3 of our 10-Day Communication Challenge!  That’s fantastic! It’s just going to get better from here, so stick with it.

If you want something to be different, YOU have to be different. You’re well on your way to becoming a communication ninja! I’m sure after completing Day 2’s assignment you’re beginning to realize the draining impact too much time on electronics can have, and the rejuvenating power of human connection!  If you’re continuing to go for your daily walk, then you will feel DOUBLY boosted with courage and communication-generating juice!

Today, we’re going to take that knowledge a step further and open your eyes to the power of releasing yourself from the harmful, life-crushing, dream-bashing effects of bad news! We’re going to take a Bad News Break and put in a “Good News Policy: and you can listen below to learn all about the podcast that accompanies this blog post!

Notice How News Makes You Feelenthusiasm experiment be positive and take a bad news break

Sometimes we do not realize how much our communication and general attitude in life is influenced by the messages we receive. Many of the headlines and news messages we receive (sometimes subconsciously) are fear-generating. News reports are purposefully sensationalized in an effort to compete with other news programs. They cause people to worry and fear things in their environment–things that aren’t even necessarily there.

Studies have literally found that just a brief 15-minute viewing of a news program increases stress and anxiety, causes people to catastrophize their own problems, and these negative feelings persist. You can bet that if you were to sit and watch E Hollywood News for an hour, it wouldn’t be long before you’ll be scrutinizing you own body in the mirror.

Enthusiasm lifts people up, and there’s no way hanging around messages like this will boost your enthusiasm juice!

What IS a Bad News Break?

No more attention or time spent on bad news websites or media for the remainder of the experiment! From the witty news on Comedy Central to the seriousness of Fox News. Take a Break! Just say, “No Thank You!” If you catch yourself slipping into the bad news abyss, just stop yourself and redirect. Apply any of the previous day’s exercises and go for a walk, or unplug for 30 minutes and be social!

This includes Pop Culture “news”. Sorry Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner. No room for you here! Sinora E-Hollywood News, gossip mags, etc. Social media is allowed but…. DECIDE FIRST what you’re going to do on it, THEN go do it. But don’t get pulled into drama on the news feed. But you can come on over to my Facebook page and share all your good news with our Communication Ninja Community and take the chance to tip the fear-monger’s scale and spread GOOD NEWS out there into the world!

A Good News Gift For You!

As a little gift to inspire your inner enthusiast and help you start letting your wild side out, we created the “Enthusiasm Experiment Manifesto.” It lists all the best character traits of an enthusiastic person! We suggest you print this off and put it somewhere you’ll see it every day throughout this experiment.

Read it every day to just remind you about how you can start to look out at life a little differently to make this experiment successful!

If you ever want to share your thoughts, feedback and engage with other Communication Ninjas, c’mon over to my Facebook page, post comments in the blog below, or reply to any of our emails!

It takes guts to change the world, and even more to change ourselves. But the fact that you’re still here reading says an awful lot about you, so I really hope you’re up for this challenge and that you stick with me to the finish line.

I suggest you pick a time of day that you will prioritize reading the daily message and showing up to get the data download. Then, as you learn and follow along, you’ll need to schedule time to complete the action steps. Rhythm and consistency will help you anchor in the action steps. Pick your time of the day and COMMIT to getting the steps done. If you need a buddy, call one up and tell them to sign up and join you for added accountability.

If you add up all the heartache, confusion, frustration and tears that have been spent because communication didn’t happen well, or at all, then this 10-Day Communication Challenge may very well be one of the best investments you’ve ever made in yourself.

So strap on your spiritual seatbelt and let’s get ready to rocket your way to more confidence, clarity and courage!

Love and a tingling sense that something great is about to happen,



At any time, you can invite other friends or family to join you! When they sign upd they will start to receive the daily messages one at a time, like you are now! We really appreciate your help spreading enthusiasm!

[Communication Challenge] Day 3: Be Positive

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