[Communication Challenge] Day 4: Be Active

Alright, you’ve been cruising along at top speed in our 10-Day Communication Challenge, and if you’ve actually been listening to the podcasts, and completing the action steps, then KEEP GOING. It’s all going to pay off soon. If you haven’t done them, then reach out to us for help by message on Facebook, on the blog comments, or send an email at any time so we can help you. You didn’t come here to stack more unsuable stuff on your thinking shelf! You came here  to make life better, and that takes sweat and action! And that’s a HUGE part of what today’s lesson is all about!

Whether you’re folding laundry, making supper, cleaning the bathroom, or doing any other mundane task in your house, the whole point of today’s assignment is to notice the difference a time pressure makes on how you feel, and what you can do.

If life really is a game, then you need to yank yourself up out of the toxic sludge of seriousness and make it FEEL like a game. One of your best opponents is, THE CLOCK! So throw on a timer, tie up your hair and watch the difference a little healthy pressure can make to how you feel! Go ahead and listen to the podcast that accompanies this lesson here, but keep on reading below for a few other tips and suggestions to help you crank up your communication juice on Day 4!

Careful! It’s So Simple You Might Ignore It

I’ve found that where solutions are complicated, people can’t always be trusted. In law, government, finance and education, the more red tape I see, the more red flags for me! Nobody gets paid for the billboards that promote broccoli or hugs or walks in the park, but they work.

So don’t let the simplicity of the exercises we’ll be doing in this program cause you to underestimate the impact they can have! Your body is your hot sports car through life! You’ve got to fuel it and rest it and clean it. But the way life works with so many bombarding incoming messages, sometimes it just gets stuck on the couch or at a desk and you really barely take advantage of all the amazing sensations and adventures your really hot car is intended to provide for you.

If you came here to improve your communication, then you need to start by being willing to communicate directly with your body–the cruise set of wheels you’ve got to roll around in life with. Making it move faster and do more is one of the ways to immediately and significantly change your energy and boost your mood!

Here are a few great blog posts that will help you out if you need a little push. Just click on any of the links below that interest you, and you’ll find a sassy little five to seven minute video to get your sweat on. If you’re not up to the structured, bouncing around in tights version of fitness, then crank on your favorite tunes and break a sweat!

You’ll be amazed at what it can do for you!

Try One of These Videos for a Quick Burst of Energy!

This 90-Second Workout is a killer and will really get your blood going and make you feel SO strong. (You can read a really cute testimonial from a client who did these exercises for a while and lost tonnes of weight here.)

A funky musical soundtrack accompanies this five minute Bellyfit video in the Air Element!

Feel the FIRE of this five minute “angry cat” and accompanying arches to get your juices flowing!

You can enjoy eight minutes in the Earth Element fitness video here!   (Awesome for your butt!)

Feel the flow in your hips with this five minute Water Element fitness video.

This is a really fun eight minute segment with the Spirit Element from Bellyfit!

Here’s a great blog on how to use the Earth as your gym and keep your fitness wild!

But try to CONTROL your speed now. This isn’t a thinking exercises. It’s not something to ponder about. You should produce sweat making this happen. Boss your body around and make stuff happen.

To access the podcast which accompanies this blog post, go here. As always, we love hearing how you’re doing and what you think of the exercises, so please post your comments or questions in the comment section below on the blog and podcast, and let us know how we can support you best!

[Communication Challenge] Day 4: Be Active

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