I have exciting news about STEAMTeam 5. Whooohoo!

Remember when I wrote over the summer that my husband and his business partner, Pam, wrote a children’s book? An amazing children’s book with the goal of exciting kids, especially girls(!), for the fields of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)? It’s been a long process with tons of hard work.

Greg and Pam have sacrificed so much to make this book a reality, and it’s officially DONE!

The beautiful softcover edition is NOW for sale on Amazon. (I’m grinning so wide as I type this.) And, it really is a beautiful work of art. The illustrations, the 8×10 heft, the story. It’s beyond exciting.

We’re not stopping here, though.

You see, this book is really important. This movement is essential. We need women in these fields, and one way to help get women in these fields is getting girls excited about STEAM fields when they’re young. Encouraging them that they can do it! Exciting them about the adventures that can be had by studying science, technology, engineering, art, and/or math. This book is only the first volume of a fictional universe built around these characters, designed to grow so they can serve as ongoing role models.

And… this book isn’t just for girls. Boys love it, too. It’s important for boys to have great female role models as well. STEAMTeam5 does that.

When I think of my daughter and how she inspired this series I’m brought to tears because I want a world for her where she feels welcome in leadership STEAM positions. I want her to have both male and female role models who excite and encourage her for passions in science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

This is still a challenge when our society doesn’t have enough good books, toys, shows, role models for girls who want to engineer or build catapults, etc. Heck, just the other day, I was looking for a kid’s gift and saw what looked like an awesome kit to build a catapult. (I immediately thought about how Kamea would like it even though it wasn’t a gift for her. She’s built catapults before.)

Then, I see on the box it says “Boy Craft.”


And then there was the incident last week… I was with my daughter at Discount Tire getting our tire replaced. I took advantage of the counter space overlooking the garage for a place to sit so Kamea could watch the people in the garage working. We noticed that there were young kids working in there, too. Maybe high school kids.

She thought the tools looked cool and fun. She said, “Oh wow, that looks cool… I’d like to try that someday and maybe work in there.”

In that moment, I looked at all of the employees in the garage and noticed that not one was female.

I said, “That’s cool, Kamea, and, wow, look out there. There’s not one girl in there! It’s all boys and men. But, y …”

From behind me, a dad interrupts in a gruff voice (his own young daughter sitting a few chairs down from us) and says, “That’s how it should be.”

I damn near fell off my chair.

Wow. WTF.

I wanted to tell him he was an asshole, but that would be the old me (well, actually what I wanted to say was much worse). Instead, I turned to my daughter and said, “You can do anything you want. If you want to be the first girl working back there, YOU DO IT! Cuz ya know what? You can. We can vote now, too.”

Of course, my daughter knew better. We’ve spent a lot of time encouraging all of her passions including building catapults. She knows the story of STEAMTeam 5 and it inspires her. She loves it. She knows she can do anything with her life. Her hope, like ours though, is that more women and girls find their way to passion and careers in STEAM fields.

Because they can. We need more awesome female role models to encourage that.

Well, we’re aiming to fix that! Please join us. Grab a copy for all of the kids in your life. Read it with them – you’ll love it, too. It’s SOOOOO good that I can barely contain my excitement!

Our test readers were of all ages and the common comments were…

“When is book two coming?”

“Those girls are so cool!”

Or, one of my favorites, “Wow, I want to do it all. These girls are making me love science, technology, engineering, art, and even math!”

STEAMTeam 5: The Beginning is going to be big.

We’re starting with this amazing story. Join us and get your copy of the softcover book on Amazon. We have a lot more in store for this clever and smart group of five girls who work together as a team.

STEAMTeam5: The Beginning makes a perfect holiday gift for all of the kids in your life. Happy Holidays!

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