Did I really eat a carnivore diet for over 60 days? No vegetables? No plants?

It’s true. I ate a carnivore diet for 60 days. In fact, I still am.

Why would I stop eating plants?

I know what people are wondering. It is weird and dangerous?

I went on a carnivore diet and stopped eating plants, because I saw others do it with interesting benefits, and I became curious. That’s the heart of it.

I am writing this post to share a journey of mine.

When I told my husband, he was skeptical, understandably, but we’ve been married a long time and he’s witnessed my diverse diets.

But, carnivore?

I live by a principle …

When new information presents itself, I’m not afraid to make changes. No dogma here.

I didn’t tell my mom for the first couple weeks that I was going to eat a carnivore diet. I thought she’d just freak. (Spoiler Alert: Turns out, she was pretty supportive, again, knowing me well that I do things like this. She also, after seeing me on it, after a while, decided to try the carnivore diet for herself! My husband, too!)

Did I really stop eating plants?

Pretty comical maybe, but yes, I did stop eating plants. Let’s see what happens.

Now, WHY would I eat a carnivore diet?

And, am I saying you should? Of course not. It’s fucking weird! At first, at least. Do your own research and do your own thing. I’m sharing what I’m doing and my results.

I like experimenting with foods and styles of eating. I have for 20 years. It started back in my bodybuilding days. Today, I share my story with respect to carnivore eating (also known as carnivory and sometimes referred to as Zero Carb though that’s not entirely accurate because you could be on a zero carb diet and still have plant foods like coconut oil or olive oil).

Funny, but people think I’m nutty if I say I’m on a carnivore diet, but not as nutty if I just say Keto or Zero Carb. People get a little freaked out and concerned. However, I don’t entertain those people until they’ve done the reading, research, and experimenting that I have.

Meat over fire

I’m drawn to the carnivore diet for a few reasons.

  • It’s so easy. I really want to make this point. I now eat two times a day, and some days I can see only eating once (if I eat a big enough steak). The reduced food prep, reduced food shopping, and reduced decision-making fatigue is awesome. I really can’t say it any better than that. It’s been such a terrific experience that I can’t imagine going back to the produce aisle, making salads, chopping and prepping a bunch of food. I’m just saying that now and maybe I’m in the honeymoon phase, but I’ll enjoy it as long as I can.
  • It appears we can get everything we need (in the best formats!) from animal products so it’s not harmful in any way. It’s actually possibly extremely nutritious. The common sentiment in the carnivore community is that #MeatHeals and it’s anti-aging. I’m inclined to agree. Meat (and fish in my opinion) have super nutrition without any of the possible negative consequences of carbs.
  • I don’t crave sugar or carbs. Zero cravings. THIS SHOCKED AND EXCITED ME! I can follow a carnivore diet without any effort. I do not think about carbs or want them. When I try to test myself and think, “hmmmm, how about some sourdough or ice cream” I’m not interested and imagine a delicious ribeye steak.
  • It’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done to keep in great shape. My body is in the shape I had in my 20s and it’s, again, effortless. When I ate a “clean” diet like in the past years, I stayed in good shape but had to put more effort into it. I was mindful to not overeat and I usually avoided desserts or sweets. My pleasure foods were sourdough breads, quiche, chocolate, dried mango, fruits, etc. Eating that way, I had a food belly after meals and some bloating (even if I only ate salads).

Now I can go from Steak to Swimsuit 🥩 👙 (or cropped top)

After eating a pound of meat - flat tummy.

I can go from eating a pound of fatty ribeye steak straight to wearing a swimsuit because there’s no bloat. My abdomen stays flat! I can also workout after eating meat, too. In the past, I wanted to wait before going to the gym after eating, usually because I was bloated and tired. Not anymore. I feel like moving or doing pull-ups after eating steak.

The carnivore diet saves me time and energy.

My immediate excitement was “reduced decision-making fatigue” in the kitchen. I love the lack of food prep, food planning, and food shopping. My life became simpler when I went carnivore. I’m the same way with clothes. My closet has very few items in it so I can just go in, grab it with no second thoughts, and start my day.

Read about decision making fatigue here: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/21/magazine/do-you-suffer-from-decision-fatigue.html

Is this reason alone to change my eating to a carnivore diet?

I was excited about eating a carnivore diet because meat is nutritious. I did question, for a while, whether eliminating plants would harm me though. Were there nutrients in plants I needed that I couldn’t get from animals?

I don’t think so anymore. I’ve read interesting information about the nutrition profile of animal foods and the possible lack of nutrients(!) in plants. I knew a bit of this from before, which is why I stopped eating vegan five years ago – the vegan diet was missing nutrients. But I didn’t realize that it seems we thrive without any plants. In fact, my beginning research is showing that basically all nutrients are available with meat.

Plants’ services no longer rendered.

I know. It’s weird. I still have moments where I doubt it. But, when I think about it more, the things I’m reading (and common sense) support my eating carnivore, at least for now.

I have been writing this blog post since I started the diet and here I am 60 days into it and I still have moments of like, WTF? But the longer I’m on it, the more I like it. I look at my skin and see such health that I not only love eating a carnivore diet, but I feel it’s a very healthy choice.

Who knows long term though? I think the body can withstand a lot. I need more time to see if things improve even more, stay the same which is good, or change for the worse longer term on a carnivore diet. I see long term carnivores and they look to have great health. They look strong and beautiful!

What is my goal with this carnivore diet?

It’s an experiment. I’m a curious gal. Heck, my family just “sold it all” to move abroad and travel the world so clearly I like a bit of adventure. I don’t know if I can imagine a life plant-free and all carnivore forever. Who knows?

Steak ready to eat

I was curious enough to try. I wanted to see if I’d feel differently by eliminating plants from my diet and going carnivore. So far, 60 days into it, I have no desire for plants other than coffee and tea which I’d like to eliminate and see what that does, too.

  • Will my hormones improve and PMS improve?
  • Will my occasional headaches improve?
  • Will my energy improve? It’s not bad pre-carnivore, but could it be better?
  • I heard about major improvements in skin from many women eating a carnivore diet. Like having full acne and it going all away. I was intrigued.

What prompted this craziness of not eating plants?

Dr. Shawn Baker via Twitter.

Dr. Shawn Baker

When a friend retweeted him I chuckled at his absurd diet of eating as a carnivore. However, he was an MD professsing awesomeness by being a carnivore and I couldn’t help but do a double take. A medical doctor, orthopedic surgeon no less, well that piqued my interest seeing as most doctors are still touting the outdated idea of watching the consumption of cholesterol.

So, I saw that he was a big dude, like super muscular and in great shape for his age (for any age actually!), which I think was 50 at the time. I saw once that he was eating about 8 plain hamburger patties for a meal.

I thought, “Huh, that’s bizarre, interesting, and possibly ridiculous.”

However, I respect people doing their own thing and trying things and he’s a doctor.

At the time, I didn’t think any more of it other than pure entertainment of watching him and following his tweets on occasion. I had zero interest in doing it personally, after all, I was a polyphenol freak. Hello – matcha? Turmeric? Vegetables? I write and sell books about them!

Funny how things work.

Over the months, I saw his meaty meals posted on twitter and saw him retweeting other people trying his carnivorous ways. From those links, I read blog posts from self-proclaimed carnivores and their fascinating experience. Some having done it for decades! Woah.

Still a skeptic though. My excitement for people doing weird diets and sharing successes is dampened by my bad experience following the vegan herd years ago, only to later experience dire consequences for my family. I thought eating a vegan diet was the absolute best diet for everyone. There were doctors and experts saying it was so! I did it for over a decade – healthy whole food organic vegan.

I was terribly wrong for my family and we suffered. Of course, I know a bit more now about nutrition, scientific studies, and observational studies. If I knew back then what I know now I wouldn’t have gone vegan. I’m trying to see and experience the carnivore diet with smart and open eyes. That vegan experience makes me extra cautious now.

I figured it can’t hurt to try carnivore diet for a little while. After all, a zero carb or Keto diet is therapeutic. They use it in medicine so it can’t be too scary or bad.

Moving on… I watched Dr. Shawn Baker with increasing fascination over time. I read about others and saw great “before and after pics” of pre-carnivore and post-carnivore pictures. People with full acne going to crystal-clear skin. People losing drastic weight. People claiming increased energy, mood, sex drive, and overall happiness. All anecdotal though, sure.

Then, I put on my skeptic glasses (again), and reminded myself that when someone drastically changes their diet and cuts out crap, they usually see great improvement whether the new diet is vegan, Keto, low-carb, whole-foods, real-food, vegetarian, or even carnivore.

Interestingly, some people have been carnivore for a LONG time. Still in great health.

Patties on the run when in a bind and needing food.

More interestingly, some of those same people had great health benefits of being low-carb first, AND then noticed a continued surge in health after going carnivore and cutting out plants. Curious, indeed.

Some of these people have real allergies, they learned, to the very phytonutrients many claim are beneficial. When I think back to my vegetable and fruit eating experiences I have to admit I had problems but who doesn’t eat veggies because of a small tummy ache after??

Here’s what I noticed when I look back on my veggie eating days with different eyes:

  • Coconut oil and coconut milk sometimes gives me stomach cramps or at the very least I didn’t feel awesome after consuming.
  • Sweet potatoes, yams, carrots make me nauseous and I listened to that sometimes and ignored other times. I totally knew something was up and thought, “well it can’t be” because those are plants and plants are good for us.
  • Regular wheat breads don’t love me too much, but sourdough bread didn’t seem to be a problem.
  • Broccoli, though I was eating it, sometimes repelled me even with butter and salt. I would put on my big-girl pants to eat broccoli because of the supposedly super powers it had for health. I’ve read contradicting info since.
  • Potatoes made me feel heavy. I still ate them.
  • Avocado made me crazy tired – so much that I googled it last year and stopped eating them thinking I had an allergy to them. I never considered for a moment that other plants might be giving me issues, too. Why? Because plants are supposed to be so good for us.
  • Chocolate makes me nauseated sometimes. I ate the high quality dark good stuff.I even researched that in past years, because it made my stomach sick many times. I had every doubt that it was the actual chocolate causing problems, because it’s chocolate! Now, I think otherwise.
  • Nuts make me break out, feel sick to my stomach. I sometimes avoided them and sometimes ate them in moderation, but nut butters? I stopped eating those for the most part because I didn’t feel well after consumption. That didn’t totally surprise given the allergenic capabilities they have for many.
  • Bananas give me a belly ache but I still ate them or made smoothies with them.
  • Citrus can contribute to migraines, but I can’t say it would happen all the time (along with a a host of other foods can be migraine triggers)
  • Alcohol I don’t drink because I always feel crappy after just a few sips.
  • Kombucha gives me a stomach ache and, again, I still drank it. 😔 I thought it was still good for me in spite of tummy upset.
  • Leafy greens – kale, chard, and the like sometimes bothered me a little bit, but I ignored it, again, and figured I had stomach issues from something else, and not an allergy to the plants. I think sometimes they bothered me more than others, so it could have been a result of other things I ate that day in combo with those intense leafy greens.
  • Green tea, on an empty stomach, makes me nauseous.
  • Beets don’t help me either.

That all said, I find that watermelon, blackberries, and blueberries always seemed to work well for me. Oranges I think are ok save for the potential migraine trigger. However, berries require a fat to help assimilate the phytonutrients, so on their own they’re not of much value. I think celery was probably fine, though boring. Cucumbers, too. Bell peppers seem ok though many people say night-shade veggies/fruits contribute greatly to achy joints and that could’ve been harming my hip which no longer hurts being carnivore.

Dare I repeat myself: I’m skeptical of the carnivore diet from being vegan though.

I believed the hype and propaganda in veganism, too. It harmed me. It harmed my family! Maybe that makes me better at navigating a carnivore diet though.

I also understand there’s a bigger agenda than just diet with vegans – there’s animal welfare and the environment – worthy causes YES!

However, grass-fed practices help those issues. And, please, too many vegans don’t understand the animals sacrificed for their farming on corn, soy, etc. Nor the environmental sacrifice for monocrops or buying bell peppers and blueberries and quinoa from around the world. So, please, consider those things.

The other question is whether long-term carnivore people are steeped in their own dogma and possibly ignoring problems that might actually be there or chalking them up to something else. I was guilty of that as a long-term vegan, too. I even recognized and ignored possible plant allergy symptoms listed above, because I thought, well I have to eat veggies! I’m not going into this blindly this time. I’m writing everything down.

Or, are these carnivore diet people lying? I mean, come on, these people are eating mostly just animals and water! Some are only doing steak and water specifically. One gal, Charlene Andersen, who shared her story here has been eating ribeyes and drinking spring water for like 20 years I think. http://meatheals.com/2018/02/04/charlene-andersen/ She looks amazing and she’s in her mid-40s!

Charlene looks amazing for having only eaten steak for 20 years.

Really? Yes, really.

Now that it’s been 60 days for me, it gets less weird.

But, it took over a month to feel that way in spite of the interesting experiences my body was going through. I was steeped so deeply in the importance of fruits and veggies.

Back to Dr. Shawn Baker…

He ended up on Joe Rogan’s podcast, and I eagerly listened since I knew who he was and what he was about. Being on Joe Rogan is a big deal so I had to listen. Not surprisingly, I found the interview extra interesting. He addressed issues like pooping when there’s no fiber in the diet, vitamin C and scurvy, and more. Those were things I hadn’t even thought about.

I later read more online about those common questions. I listened to interviews from scientists and researchers talking about how we don’t actually need plants and that we can get all of our micro-nutrients from animals along with the essential fatty acids and essential amino acids. I read that carbohydrates aren’t essential. Some experts mentioned these topics and said we should have more research on it, but that there was NOT good science for the constant recommendation to eat more fruits and vegetables either. I was shocked.

But giving up fruits and vegetables? What about my beloved phytochemicals I thought were so important?

Hmmmm… in fact, are phytochemicals even healthy? Should you buy my ebooks touting the “benefits” of matcha, turmeric, and vegetables? For fucks sake, I can’t say you should. I don’t know. I don’t know if I’ll eat vegetables or fruit myself again. I drink tea and coffee but that’s out of addiction.

Will I never have pizza again? Not even in Naples, Italy? Shit, I don’t know. Hard to imagine I won’t eat some vegetables some day.

You’d think from the way people talk that plants are to be revered to the utmost. We praise kids when they eat their veggies and not their fish or beef. Sure, we like our kids getting good protein, but do we praise them for eating it?

And, here’s a truth: Polyphenols from plants are plant “chemicals” – they’re designed as insecticides. The words polyphenol or plant nutrients seem sexy. But, call them a plant’s defense mechanism or nature’s chemicals or plant toxins and they’re more suspicious.

I’ve wondered as to the health benefits of ingesting these. I used to think these polyphenols were healthy in acting as anti-oxidants but even that can be twisted otherwise if you research. Further, if we’re living a lifestyle that isn’t offensive or outrightly degrading, then I question whether these antioxidants are needed on a regular basis. Some say we don’t need them on a zero carb diet and instead they could be beneficial for people assaulting their bodies with too many carbs or junk food.

The carnivore diet camp say that our bodies have their own endogenous antioxidant system that is actually upregulated with a low-carb or carnivore diet. (That’s cool.) They say that even if you DO ingest them via food and supplements they aren’t of value and don’t make it into your system where you needed it anyway. Now, that’s curious and frustrating given the money I’ve spent on phytonutrients and anti-oxidants supplements.

I found the discussion of vitamin C and glucose fascinating.

It’s possible that if we’re not eating carbs, our need for vitamin C goes way down. How interesting! http://breaknutrition.com/ketogenic-diet-vitamin-c-101/

Remember that I’m not a doctor and I’d advise you to read up on it yourself, because my days of recommending things for others are over since the vegan crisis.

So, all that in mind: I couldn’t help myself. I started a carnivore diet January 2, 2018.

I had no idea how long I’d do this or what my plan was other than to gauge my experience on a day to day basis. I figured I’d go 30 days, but at the end of 30 days I still felt so good and empowered, and I intuitively felt that I wouldn’t be giving it a fair shot unless I did 3 to 6 months. I figured my body would need to go through some changes and that some things would improve in 30 days but what would those things be like in 90 days? Or 120 days?

At first, I thought, maybe to appease my skepticism I could eat a mostly carnivorous diet and add a weekly bowl of berries or something. To keep my Italian ancestors happy I could cook my meat in olive oil on occasion (you know you can cook with it, right?). I thought I’d consider that in the beginning, but now 60 days later, I just don’t want any of that. I’m without plants except for the plant extracts I get in coffee and tea.

To do a true test I’d cut those out. I tried to and you’ll see me talking about it a lot in the journal below. It didn’t happen, however, now that 60 days is over, I really want to make a better effort. So, today I’m decreasing the consumption and will see what happens. In a week, I’ll cut it out completely and see how life is without coffee and tea.

My mind is exploding with conflicting information as I entertain the possibilities of truth in what I am reading.

Here are my results that happened immediately in the first week on a carnivore diet.

  • First thing that happened was I wasn’t super hungry all day. Very satiated. In fact I had to work at eating more because I was full. I remember Shawn Baker, MD saying to eat like it’s your job in the beginning to ensure adequate nutrient and energy intake. Keep in mind though, I was staying hyped up and “drinking the kool-aid” by reading about people enjoying this style of life. It’s a sure way to stay motivated.
  • Second thing that happened was that I woke feeling super refreshed and with less sleep on even the first night.
  • I have zero, and I mean ZERO cravings or desire for carbs. That’s never happened before, probably because I’m getting satiated with animal proteins and fats now. Low-carb past experiences always left me wanting carbs. It took eliminating them to be free of them.

After 60 days on a carnivore diet:

  • Best skin ever in my life… I had a skin improvement when I first went raw (in my vegan days), but that later aged quickly (more wrinkles around eyes, forehead, knees – yes knees) plus some painful zits after my body depleted of quality fats, cholesterol, and retinol and too little omega-3s compared to all the omega-6 filled nuts I was eating. I did experience nice skin in the beginning of going raw, but, after a while, it was negative for me, because I wasn’t getting the nutrition and vitamins like I just mentioned that I get in animal foods. When I went omnivore with “quality” foods about 5 years ago, my skin improved dramatically because I stopped eating vegan. Interestingly, it has gone next level with carnivore and I am attributing it to the carbs (and any plants I might have been allergic to) being inflammatory and affecting hormones.
  • Wounds heal faster than ever which is neat to see. Again, I think the quality nutrients in beef, which is filling my plate instead of a combo of beef and, say sourdough or veggies, helps this.
  • Satisfaction and satiety. I eat two meals a day with zero interest in snacks or food outside those meals. I’m stuffed but I don’t look stuffed. 😋 That is liberating.
  • Hip pain mostly gone, so far, and I expect better over time. I have had hip pain for years since sleeping on one side for so long while pregnant with Kamea. It would wake me up at night many times. That started to get better a year ago, before carnivore, but is almost gone on carnivore.
  • Fewer headaches. I had (what I think were two small sinus headaches) possibly due to allergies in this 60 days so far. I also had a small headache with one cycle of PMS. What I noticed was they were tolerable for the most part and not as painful as in the past. I have no idea if the experience of having a “smaller” headache as opposed to a “full-on” headache is the result of the diet but I think it plays a role.
  • Better PMS, though mine has never been too horrible, with some months in the past it was non-existent and some months having migraines and cramps. At this time I have had three menstrual cycles. Each one continues to improve. To get an accurate reading on this I need to go through more cycles, maybe five or six. However, now that we’re getting ready to leave the country, I’m going to try to maintain the diet but I do not know if it will be possible 100% of the time. I think what will happen is I will be able to go stretches of eating carnivore and on occasion not doing it because of the cost around the world for meat. We will see. I really don’t know what to expect.
  • Great sleep. I experience my day in a very consistent way. I wake up very early without an alarm clock and I feel very happy, ready to take on the day, and excited about what I’m doing. At night, I go to bed at a nice, decent time and I fall asleep easily. It just feels right. It is been consistently like this since I started.
  • Excellent attitude and mental state – though, admittedly, I have a lot of amazing stuff going on, too. However, this way of eating feels empowering and I’m sure it helps.
  • Increased sex drive 💗
  • Beautiful muscle definition in my arms, shoulders, and abs (and that was without working out). I look forward to seeing what happens with my legs as I work on my lower body workouts with a carnivore diet. There was no muscle sacrifice on this diet. For Greg, he had the same experience with loss of fat and no loss of muscle. 👍🏼💪🏼
  • ZERO BLOAT even after enjoying over a pound of ribeye steak! Yes, I eat a pound per sitting most meals.
  • I also think this must be an amazing diet for dental health. I keep thinking about this because it’s important to me, though it’s too soon to tell. I think a peron’s skin and teeth are windows into their body’s health. Excellent dental health has been a passion for the past four years when my teeth went to hell after eating vegan so long. When I think about this diet it has to be one of the best ones for building and maintaining healthy teeth. For me, that means including things like sardines (with skin and bones), getting sunshine, and include some quality cheeses/eggs/liver (for vitamin K2, retinol).

I figure that if the many people I’ve read eating only animal foods have survived many years, I can safely handle it for a month or so.

Following is my daily food journal while eating a carnivore diet.

Long and boring to be sure with various comments as I felt them. Note that I drink water every day but didn’t list it.

Stay curious. Forever.

For me, at the time of this post, I’m very happy doing this. I don’t know how it will go abroad traveling the world so we’ll find out. If I were staying here in the US, then yes, I’d for sure keep going with it as an experiment until 6 months had passed (unless of course I had problems). Beyond that, I’d take it month by month. Never say never and nothing is forever.

What about my daughter? Is my kid on a carnivore diet?

No, she’s not, but she is eating more beef. Breakfast often is a cheesy omelet with bacon and full-fat greek yogurt. She still eats sourdough bread, organic berries/oranges/bell peppers for example. Sometimes her meal choice is Greek yogurt with dried cranberries and dark chocolate with sardines on the side (well the sardines are my choice for her and she eats them). The difference is that I’m not hounding her with “You must eat your vegetables” because I’m not convinced she must all the time. I’m choosing non-sweet fruits more often like bell peppers or tomato paste on her homemade pizza loaded with quality cheese and sometimes meat added.


I found that I really do want mostly beef, preferably ribeye steak though the price can be limiting. I also like ground beef patties and fish. I’ve found my favorite way to prepare steaks and patties.

Reverse Sear Steaks

This is a brilliant way to ensure perfect cooking of any size steak. It will take a bit longer, but with planning it’s mostly hands-free.

Steak for reverse searDelicious reverse seared steak

  • Steak*
  • Sea salt
  • Baking tray/pan with cooling rack nestled inside
  • Animal fat for searing
  1. Season steak with sea salt. Place the steak on the rack nestled inside the baking pan.
  2. Turn the oven on to 275 degrees F. Put the steak inside.
  3. For me, because I like a final temperature (after searing) to be 125 degrees. I keep the steaks in the oven for these lengths of time depending on thickness of steak: If it’s a thinner steak, cook 20-25 minutes. If it’s a thick ribeye cook 40-45 minutes. Either way, I keep them cooking in the oven until the temperature reaches about 110-115 degrees F.
  4. Heat skillet to high. Sear steak each side for about a minute.

*I like to let my steak sit out for about a half hour (or a bit longer) to get closer to room temperature than coming straight from the fridge.

Broiling Burger Patties

This is the easiest and cleanest way to make burger patties because I can cook many at a time and clean up is a snap.

Burger patty

  • Ground beef*
  • Sea salt
  • Cheese, if desired
  • Large baking tray, lined with aluminum foil
  • Spatula
  1. Create patties from the beef. I do this by rolling them in a ball and then placing them on the aluminum foil-lined tray. I then smash them pretty thinly.
  2. Place the rack in the oven so the burgers will be about 3 to 5 inches from the top. Turn on the broiler to 500 degrees F.
  3. Season the burger patties with sea salt.
  4. Cook them for 3 to 4 minutes. Flip them and cook another 3 to 4 minutes, until desired temperature is reached. For me, that’s a higher temperature than I eat my steaks because it’s ground and cooking higher is for safety reasons.
  5. If using cheese, place the cheese on top of each patty and return under the broiler for about 30 seconds.

*I like to let my ground beef sit out for about a half hour (or a bit longer) to get closer to room temperature than coming straight from the fridge.

Steak bowl only from Chipotle

NOTE! SCROLL to the bottom of this post for LINKS to interesting reading on whether plants are necessary and other resources on eating a carnivore diet.

On a carnivore diet you’ll see people eating cow, chicken, pig, fish, lamb, offal, and some include dairy (full fat like cheese, whipping heavy cream, butter, and ghee). Over time one thing in common is that most find themselves gravitating to mostly beef.

60 Day Carnivore Diet Food Journal

Jan 2 (Beginner’s day 1)

I’d call this a gradual decline to carnivore. Testing the waters without much planning, and eating what was on hand.


Meatloaf (had breadcrumbs and green onions, ketchup)

Meatloaf (again)

Can tuna with MCT oil drizzled on top

I didn’t do any activity other than living life and running errands. I felt fine and satiated with a bit of excitement about trying this.

Jan 3 (Day 2)

4 eggs cooked in ghee with cheese

Black coffee

Bulletproof decaf coffee

Shrimp with butter and salt

Green tea x 2

Chicken sausages (not zero carb but close)

Buttered coffee

Overall felt awesome and empowered. Spent a lot of time sitting because I was reading more on carnivore eating from others. Had a touch of a headache but it went away. Excited to try this carnivore eating experiment for 30 days as I read more. I think I will cut out MCT oils and olive oils and also reduce coffee and tea going forward.

Jan 4 (Day 3)

I woke with a sinus headache and went straight for the Americano but made the coffee a bit weaker. I slept well last night and again, I woke bright eyed and bushy-tailed. Later in the day, I felt a bit anxious but my blood pressure was good. Headache went away after I took 1 ibuprofen. I don’t normally resort quickly to ibuprofen for pain but decided I had too much to do today and didn’t want to do it with pain. Also, I could be experiencing “Keto flu” as decribed by others. It’s minor for me personally. Two hours later, feeling better. Felt better rest of day. Feel totally satiated and have zero desire for anything other than animal foods.

2 x Americanos (brewed weakly)

5 eggs cooked in ghee

Chicken sausage left overs

Decaf coffee with butter and ghee

1.5 pieces bacon (had sugar in it but no choice)

4-5 oz burger cooked in bacon fat

2 scallops

5 oz beef patties cooked in ghee

2 oz beef patties cooked in ghee

2 cubes cheese

Jan 5 (Day 4)

Woke again bright eyed and bushy-tailed. Still have small headache seems like sinus and pollen counts are high so maybe. I’m not hungry though coffee curbs appetite. Finally had eggs at 11am. Wasn’t hungry again until 4pm. I didn’t have much choice in food because of traveling so I opted for buttered coffee to increase calories and satiation. Headache was only mild on and off today. Took 1/2 an aspirin mid-day and it’s stayed gone since. Relieved at the ease of food prep… Loving that and loving NOT being hungry and loving NOT being obsessed with food thoughts all day.


4 whole eggs + 1 yolk gently scrambled

Green tea

Can sardines

Hunk of cheese

Decaf coffee with butter

6-8 oz ground beef

Decaf buttered coffee (still hungry, need to make more food and plan better if I’m going to consider avoiding coffee)

Jan 6 (Day 5)

Woke up feeling great again. Had coffee because I think I’m just going to slowly wean off it. It ended up really curbing my appetite though and I wasn’t hungry til 11 when I decided I should just eat so I could fortify myself. After eating the eggs, I was full all day. I, again, ate oysters just to get something in my stomach. I felt a bit anxious today because we have a lot going on in our lives at the moment (all good and exciting stuff nonetheless still a lot to process) but I also felt happy and strong. Had a tiny altitude headache like I usually get after coming home. Bottom line today I had basically no appetite. Was cold later in the day (winter), and felt I should probably eat more so I had three eggs.

Black coffee

4 whole eggs + 1 yolk gently scrambled

5 smoked oysters

Ground beef and ground offal with cheese on top

Buttered coffee

3 fried eggs in ghee

Jan 7 (Day 6)

Feel great and have been busy. Hardly any hunger. Super satiated and have to remind myself to eat. Food’s role in my life has changed. I just eat to fortify and that’s it. Simple.

Black coffee ☕️

4 eggs cooked in ghee

Ground beef patties (6oz?)

5 drum sticks roasted

Decaf buttered coffee

Jan8 (Day 7)

Again, I woke refreshed. I decided to get calories immediately by having butter in my coffee. I’m just not very hungry, and I think I’m losing too much weight. I feel mostly excellent but again feeling a bit anxious because we have so much going on with moving to Europe. It’s all manageable though with meditation and Taoism.

I’m very busy and don’t think to eat. For dinner I wasn’t super hungry but thought I better eat. I’ve lost 3-4 pounds in one week on this carnivore diet, and thought I should eat more. For dinner I ate an 8-ounce (before cooking) patty, cooked in ghee. I felt fortified. I’m in bed feeling very relaxed now. I had a busy day with things getting checked off my to-do list.

I have good energy through the day, but that could be because I’m busy. Or the diet?

Coffee buttered

2 raw egg yolks and 1 can sardines

2 raw egg yolks

Green tea

3 chicken drumstick legs roasted

2 x buttered decaf coffee (one with teaspoon MCT oil)

1 drumstick 🍗

8 oz beef pattie

1 oz raw cheese

Jan9 (Day 8)

Ok so it’s been a whole week. Interesting. I think I went through some fatigue a couple of days but overall felt excellent in spirit and mind. Loved the lack of thought about food. I read last night that if people feel tired or weak they need to remember that on this plan you “eat meat like it’s your job” in the beginning especially. I haven’t been doing that. It’s not easy and I aim to increase my calories today.

I also started my cycle so was in the pre-cycle phase this last week and that could have had an impact. I sometimes get tired a couple of days in the week ahead of my cycle.

I’m not sure what to make of the sleeping. I sleep very well, dream, etc but I’m waking earlier than normal. Does my body not require as much sleep? Today I woke before 5am. I went to sleep last night around 10/1030. Maybe that’s good sleep and all is well or is this style of carnivorous eating messing with my sleep negatively?

Clearly I’m not using my digestion as much and I learned long ago that digestion is a big energy user. Maybe my body doesn’t have as much to do at night and so I wake earlier. Or, again, I just have lots to do before we move and that’s taking center stage.

Buttered coffee with tiny drizzle MCT (really for extra calories as I don’t think I’ll keep MCT in my diet once my bottle is used)

3 raw egg yolks (these are easy to get down and quick nutrition and calories)

Mint tea

8 oz beef patty

4 oz patty

Chicken (small: thigh, leg, breast)

Jan 10 (Day 9)

I woke again with ease. I’m guessing this is par for the course by now, and I’ll stop mentioning it, unless it changes. I haven’t exercised much and I’m ready to start. I have had consistently energetic days lately and I want to combat any stress by working out.

I’m still drinking coffee and not sure when I’ll cut that out… it is half decaf though so I’m not needing full caffeine I don’t think. Would do me well to get over to all decaf because caffeine can harm hormones.

I’m lean and happy with the constant flat belly! 👙

Feeling great throughout the day today. Not hungry, as usual, but eating anyway. Bought some whipping cream to add calories and diversity.

Black coffee

6 raw egg yolks

Buttered decaf

2 oz ground beef

4 oz Steak

3 oz Salmon

Decaf with cream

Pattie with cheese

Jan 11 (Day 10)

Another fine morning. Felt great yesterday and strong, though I’ve still been forgetting to exercise with my long list of to-dos. I do meditate though – there’s always time for that!

Black coffee

3 raw egg yolks

Ribeye steak

Coffee with heavy cream

Beef pattie with melted cheese

Coffee with heavy cream

Jan 12 (Day 11)

It’s amazing how easy this is for me but I’m quick to remind myself that I’m quite busy so that could play a role. When I have a lot to do, food takes a back seat.

I woke up early again and today I started doing a little bit extra movement I did some rebounding and a little bit of strength training. I’m going to add some more later today.

Later: I never got around to the exercise later because I ended up running errands that took me longer than expected. Didn’t have a food plan so I ate some cheese at mom’s – just a couple cubes and had some tea. When hungry and in a bind, cheese totally kicks ass. It satiates with just a couple bites.

Black coffee

6 raw egg yolks

Mint tea

3-4 oz Beef pattie w cheese

Decaf w whipping cream

1-2 oz Cheese

4 oz cod with a little butter

2 oz salmon

Decaf w whipping cream

Jan 12 (Day 11)

Everything’s feeling great. Enjoying this time.

Black coffee

6 raw egg yolks

Few bites of offal

Coffee with whipping cream


Ground beef

Jan 13 (Day 12)

Still doing this. I want to have more offal but I just don’t like it. I started my day with hot water in place of coffee thinking the coffee curbs my appetite too much. I need to eat more on some days. I feel find otherwise.

(Looks like I forgot to record food.)

Jan 14 (Day 13)

Egg yolks

Coffee w cream and collagen

Ground beef w cheese


Jan 15 (Day 14)

Feeling good and normal. Busy.

Coffee black

Ground beef

Decaf Coffee cream with collagen

Green tea

Decaf coffee cream with collagen

Ground beef w tiny squirt mustard / hot sauce

Decaf with cream

Jan 16 (Day 15)

Woke after 7 hours of good sleep. My weight loss is nicely stable now. I feel crazy doing this, but I want to stick it out and see what happens after a month.

Black coffee

6 raw egg yolks

Decaf coffee with butter and collagen

Beef pattie with cheese

Beef pattie with cheese

Jan 17 (Day 16)

I seem to be ready to rock-and-roll after 7 hours of sleep. I used to want/need to get 8 to 9 but I’m ready to wake after 7 these days.

Black coffee ☕️

Buttered coffee with collagen (using this up because I have it)

5 raw egg yolks

3 slices of grassfed cheese

5 smoked oysters

Buttered coffee with collagen

Salmon sockeye canned

Hot dogs

Beef pattie with cheese

Jan 18 (Day 17)

All is very well. I wish I were testing my strength more. I’ll try more movement and exercise tomorrow.

Black coffee ☕️

Decaf buttered collagen coffee

Hibiscus tea 3 oz



Cheese beef patties

Jan 19 (Day 18)

Coffee ☕️

Ghee Collagen Coffee

8 oz. steak

1 Sardine

Cheese beef pattie

6 oz. steak

Buttered decaf x 2

Jan 20 (Day 19)

Skin is amazing. It looks so pretty the color and clarity. Energy solid. Emotions great. I have consistently felt super. I like the buttered coffee in the morning because I’m not hungry in the morning and feel like I want something but not ready to dive into eggs or meat so this is a nice light intro. Yes I go to the “bathroom” every day, sometimes twice. It’s simply smaller amounts because it’s not bulked with fiber.

Green tea

Buttered Collagen Coffee (still using up the collagen)

3 raw egg yolks

12 oz. Steak

1 scrambled egg

2 oz cheese

Buttered decaf coffee

Jan 21 (Day 20)

I am continuing to have zero cravings for anything – though I do find that I enjoy buttered coffee more than ever. I am making bread for my family and I do not have any desire for it. Strange.

I still have matcha tea, jasmine green tea, and coffee. I will slowly use those items up in my kitchen and then make decisions on whether to eliminate.

We are going to be traveling the world and I can’t see eating this way forever but I do see it as a good choice for extended periods if that’s all I can manage due to travel and costs of meat abroad.

I feel great. I sleep well. I wake ready to wake. My skin is soft and glow-y. So far, I have zero complaints on zero carb carnivore. (Note: eggs and cheese have a tiny amount of carb.)

Matcha green tea

Buttered Collagen coffee

Scrambled eggs

2 oz. cheese

4 smoked oysters

Mint tea

2 beef patties with cheese

Jan 22 (Day 21)

Today I continue feeling great. Went to the doc for woman’s wellness exam. My weight was great at 121 pounds and my blood pressure was 108/70. 🙌🏼💃🏻

Black coffee

Jasmine green tea

2 Scrambled eggs

Buttered collagen coffee


Patties with cheese

1 Egg and 2 oz. cheese

Rooibos tea

Jan 23 (Day 22)

Going low protein and high fat trying that today. So extra buttered coffee. Update later in the day: the low protein didn’t work. Just didn’t feel right. I was really full after the salmon/bacon/coffee meal. I think I won’t want to eat until nighttime. I can go so long between meals eating carnivore whereas I was usually thinking about my next meal soon after eating food with carbs. Update: Well I went for some cheese at 3pm because although I wasn’t really hungry I just felt a bit weak. I’m probably not eating enough. I crashed with a two hour nap earlier as I had woken at 5am (went to bed at 10pm so that’s not bad).

Thinking more… I also needed to get out of the condo. Get some fresh air. And with the large to-do list I keep chipping away at maybe my brain told me to nap.

Black coffee ☕️

2 Rooibos tea

Buttered coffee with collagen

4 strips bacon 🥓

1/2 can wild caught sockeye salmon

Buttered coffee

2 oz cheese

Mint tea

2 Beef and cheese patties

Jan 24 (Day 23)

Started my day waking well again. I had a small headache from dryness and sinuses I think but it went away.

Coffee ☕️

Green Jasmine tea


Buttered Collagen Coffee


Coffee (though not really in the mood)


Jan 25 (Day 24)

Feeling great still.

Eggs cooked in ghee

Buttered collagen coffee

Beef patties with cheese and butter

Green tea

Jan 26 (Day 25)

Jasmine green tea

3-4 oz Steak

20 oz buttered collagen coffee (have to be out and about for the day)

3 oz Steak

3 oz Beef patty w cheese

3 Beef/pork Brats! 😋

Jan 27 (Day 26)

I can’t get over how great my skin looks. I’m a believer that skin health comes from the inside and I’ve heard more than a few times about the turnaround in people’s skin after going carnivore but… what were they eating before? I know I had a “clean and healthy” diet prior to going carnivore so I didn’t have much to improve upon with my skin, or so I thought.

And evenness of my emotions and feeling of empowerment at not having to have a schedule relying on food. I know that I can go long periods without food and I will be fine. This way of eating keeps me satiated for much longer than when I used to eat carbs.

5 eggs cooked with bacon fat and topped with butter

Buttered coffee w collagen

Rooibos tea

Mint tea

4 pork/beef Brats


2 oz cheese

2 brats

Jan 28 (Day 27)



Buttered collagen coffee

2-3 Eggs in extra ghee

2 Brats

1 oz cheese

1 bits of tuna

Buttered coffee

2 big beef patties w cheese

Jan 29 (Day 28)

Still feeling very well. Everything is as it was lately with easy food prep, feeling well, etc. I will say that today I ate more in the meat department. I was able to consume more than usual before I felt really full. Maybe that’s cuz I’m getting used to this, as I have heard people don’t start out eating a lot and have to “eat meat like it’s their job” to help ensure success. I feel like I’ve graduated. I also noted today that, like, wow, I haven’t had any carbs in almost a month which means no sugar. I’ve never done that!



Buttered collagen coffee

3.5 Brats

1-2 oz cheese

2.5 Patties w cheese

Jan 30 (Day 29)

I like how easy this eating style is. I feel free even in spite of social situations because really you can find meat anywhere, might not always be the best kind but it is available.

Today I added some coconut oil and MCT oil to my buttered coffee, making it “Bulletproof” because I have a small vial left of the mixture and thought I’d experiment to see what happens. No desire or need to buy those things anymore, but I had it on hand and thought I’d try.

Update: Yes, it bothered my stomach either/both the coconut oil/MCT.

Black coffee ☕️

“Bulletproof Coffee” (butter, coconut oil, MCT, collagen)

14 oz Steak

4 pork/beef spicy brats

3-4 Smoked oysters

1/2 can Sockeye salmon (canned)

Black coffee

Jan 31 (Day 30)

I’m not going to stop even though this is day 30. We leave for Denmark in the beginning of March and my plan is to stick with this until then, at least. Steaks and patties and beef sound better to me than even in the first couple of weeks of eating this way. I’m able to take in a bit more, too. Woke up with a small sinus headache, nasal passages feel dry.

Black coffee

Buttered collagen coffee (still using up the collagen and then I won’t buy again)

2 beef patties with cheese

2 sardines 🤢 not my favorite

Feb 1 (Day 31)

OM-GOODNESS I went 30 days as of last night as a carnivore. My diet was primarily meat, mostly beef. Occasional fish and rarely chicken or pork. I drank coffee and tea. I used butter and ghee. I also included collagen protein powder simply because I had it on hand. Oh, I ate eggs every 2 to 4 days and had cheese (maybe 1 to 3 oz on average) almost daily up until now. I find the cheese hits the spot when I want something small to eat that isn’t meat. Same goes for buttered coffee. I find that most times I’m cool with meat but sometimes buttered coffee is the most appealing or a hunk of cheese alongside the beef.

I think the butter helps me increase the fat in my diet when my meats aren’t fatty enough. Ribeyes are too expensive for my frugal ass right now and even if I bought them as not grass-fed, they’re still pricy. So, I look for grass-fed ground beef on sale and sometimes I’ve bought non-100%-grass-fed but still “natural, no added hormones” etc for steak like Top sirloin, NY strip. (Update: I learned a great way to find pricy cuts of meat on salt from Dr. Shawn Baker using MyGroceryDeals.com – they’re not usually grass-fed though.)

I wonder how nasty buttered hot water would be? I remember Dave Asprey making a delicious recipe of hot buttered water with stevia and vanilla added. It was damn tasty. But, plain buttered water? 🤢 is my guess. What if I salted it? Hmmm 🤔 Hot Salted Butter Water?

I had a minimal appetite for the first 10-14 days then it gradually increased as I “ate meat like it was my job.” This helped to ensure nutrition and energy. I felt very good most of the days except for small headache and energy dips the first few days. Small sinus headache still today (started yesterday).

No bloat. Ever. No matter how much I eat.

Body composition is great. Always a flat stomach. Firm and taut.

I didn’t test my strength enough the first month and I’m eager to do that. I vow to do that more in February as I continue this journey, maybe another month.

Today, I did have some cramps – maybe PMS. Very mild though – yay. I expect the wrinkles in hormones to be ironed out over time, and I’m curious to see how monthly cycles are as on a carnivore diet over time. I don’t think this can be completely experienced unless I’m doing this more than a couple months, but I do think there will be some changes. (Update: there are improvements so far.)

Today is February 1 and the day has already started with coffee but I’m actually rethinking February and curious if I should shift into a higher gear for this month. Drink only one cup of coffee, or none. Drink one cup of tea, or none. Drink more water (hot sometimes in place of coffee). Curious if life is better without the coffee. As usual, I have a supply of the stuff and I’d like to go through some of it. Plus, we’re getting ready to move abroad and who doesn’t drink coffee? Tempted though. Must consider.

I should just commit to a day without coffee or tea and see what the hell it’s like. It sure it would make life even easier. And cheaper 🙂 (Update: I didn’t reduce the coffee until after 60 days on the carnivore diet.)

2 cups black coffee

3 eggs scrambled in ghee

Buttered coffee (small amount of butter)

Steak 🥩 about 4 oz is my guess. Try as I might, I couldn’t finish the last few ounces. Greg will be happy as I put it in the fridge. 😉

Feb 2 (Day 32)

Still finishing off headache so started the day with coffee.

Coffee x 2

Matcha (had a more nervous morning and matcha calms me)

4 brats

Chunk of cheese (1-2 oz)

Chunk of cheese (1-2 oz)

2 beef patties with cheese slice on each

Buttered coffee

I feel like I could’ve done without the buttered coffee tonight and the extra cheese, but we had a weird day and my schedule got the better of me.

Feb 3 (Day 32)

1.5 cups black coffee

Buttered collagen decaf coffee

Bacon and Eggs

1/2 can tuna

Buttered coffee

12 ounces beef patties with cheese

Feb 4 (Day 33)

Started cycle – maybe those headaches were PMS. Not the most breezy cycle but certainly not a bad one either. Read about another long time carnivore and I’m getting interested in the ribeye / water diet more and more. Easier still.


Jasmine green tea

2 eggs scrambled in ghee

Buttered collagen coffee


Chipotle carnivore bowl: 1 chicken: 3 steak (probably ate 3/4 of it)


1 oz cheese

3 beef patties, broiled, no cheese

Feb 5 (Day 34)

Woke after 7 hours of sleep, like clockwork. Wanted coffee which was great, but I question my desire for it. I’d rather wake ambivalent. Going to have a couple of days of ribeyes and see how it goes.

Update: in my meditation today I decided that I wanted to give up coffee. I don’t feel exactly that way for green tea at this moment but I think I feel that way about coffee. We’ll see if that changes in Europe but I’m going to call turkey yet that’s on feeling. This update comes after having had a cup of coffee that you see. Second update. Decaf sounded so nice after my ribeye 😳

Coffee ☕️

Buttered coffee

1/2 can salmon

3-4 slices bacon

Ribeye 🥩 at 2pm


2 x iced decaf

Feb 6 (Day 35)

Well I started the day with a cuppa coffee. The situation is that I’m on a very weird sleeping schedule where I go to bed early and I wake extraordinarily early (it’s still dark outside). Coffee is useful and I have a trip to New York where Greg will speak at the United Nations in a couple of days for STEAMTeam 5, and I feel it’s not the best time to go cold turkey like I felt like yesterday. So I’m going to keep it to one cup today decaf.

Coffee ☕️

Decaf ☕️

Jasmine green tea 🍵

Ribeye (or 8am)

Perrier sparkling mineral water + heavy splash of whipping cream – to and try. Someone said it was a wonderful treat. I liked it ok, but didn’t feel awesome after. Might have been something else but noting it anyway.

Ribeye 🥩 (3:30pm)

Feb 7 (Day 36)

Yep, I’m having coffee. We leave for NY and the UN today so it’s a day of travel. So much for giving it up.

Large coffee with butter and collagen

Beef sticks (like jerky)

Venison jerky (not good)


Feb 8 (Day 37)

We were at the UN all day and so it was a bit weird for food.

Coffee x4 (decaf and reg mixed), one had butter, one had heavy cream

Green tea

A piece of ham and cheese

Beef stick


Chuck steak

1 oz cheese

Feb 9 (Day 38)

Again, at the UN for the day so it was not super fun in the food department.

Chuck steak

Canned mackerel

Coffee x 4 (decaf and reg mixed), one had butter, other had heavy cream

Chuck steak x 2

Feb 10 (Day 39)

We leave NY today and it’s a travel day so food will be less than ideal.

Green tea

4 eggs with butter


Decaf coffee

2 beef patties

8oz steak

1 regular coffee – had headache, took ibuprofen

Feb 10 (Day 39)

Back home. Happy to be back in a kitchen with steaks.

Coffee (need to start getting off caffeine)



Feb 11 (Day 40)






Feb 12 (Day 41)


Buttered Collagen Decaf



Feb 13 (Day 42)

Didn’t feel super after the Capp with heavy cream listed below. Maybe dairy isn’t my friend? Or maybe I just had too much.


4 strips Bacon

1/2 can Tuna

5 pieces salami

1 slice cheese

2 strips bacon 🥓

1/2 can tuna

San Pelligrino sparkling mineral water

Ground beef w mustard butter sauce

Decaf cappuccino w heavy cream

Decaf with cream

Feb 14 (Day 43)

So now I’m rethinking taking dairy out of my diet and considering keeping a little bit in. I read an article where somebody eliminated dairy and then had a hard time adding it back into their diet because they no longer have the enzymes to digest it. Hmmmmm…..

Black coffee

Green tea

Buttered decaf

3 Sardines and 8 smoked oysters

10 slices Salami 2 oz Cheese

3 eggs (felt nauseous after)

Ground beef and butter w mustard

Feb 15 (Day 44)

I’m still trying to get my head around how much I should be eating. I feel like I could scale back the amount I’m eating. I can imagine a good balance to have coffee in the morning, buttered sometimes. Then, ground beef patties (maybe 8 oz) for late morning breakfast. Have a 1+ lb ribeye late afternoon. This would be an eating window of maybe 10am to 6pm. I’d like that. I’ll try to focus on that in the future.

Strength update. I feel like this week, the past couple of days I’ve felt stronger. I knocked out 3 pull-ups without having had been practicing prior – usually I need to start with 1-2 for a couple of days. My pushups are stronger too. I wonder if it took my body 30+ days to get stronger based on diet. I feel like working out more now, and there were many days before (namely the first 30 days of this) that I didn’t.

I worked out today – definitely stronger than the last time I worked out a few months ago, and this was my first time back in the gym in a couple of months.


Green tea

Buttered coffee

4 pieces bacon

3 raw egg yolks

Buttered decaf

1 oz raw cheese

1+ lb Ribeye

8 oz coffee 1/2 reg 1/2 decaf

Decaf with heavy whipping cream

T-bone steak cooked on the grill (I hadn’t planned on eating again, but my brother was in town and he cooked steaks on the grill)

Feb 16 (Day 45)

Oh, I was thinking about the dairy thing… the risk of eliminating it and therefore having trouble reintroducing it back in if desired. I don’t think that’ll be a problem as I was a vegan for a decade once. When I added dairy back in, I was fine. True, I eat high quality dairy, raw grass-fed cheese, or grass-fed milk (not raw but not ultra pasteurized either). Maybe it’s simply a matter of the dairy source.

Decaf Coffee

Americano (dammit I just love coffee)

Green Tea

Buttered decaf (before working out so I had at least a bit of fuel)

Leftover T-bone steak (post workout fuel)

Buttered decaf

T-Bone lunch

4 pork / beef brats dinner

Feb 17 (Day 46)

Black decaf

Jasmine green tea

Regular coffee

Buttered coffee

3 pork beef brats

2 pork beef brats

Decaf (so much for giving up coffee)

2.5 patties beef broiled w bacon fat

Feb 18 (Day 47)

Brunch at a country club:

Eggs. Prime rib. Coffee.

2 beef/pork brats

2 1/4 beef patties

Feb 19 (Day 48)

I’m back in Carefree today which has a slight bit of elevation and I usually get a minor altitude sickness experience for a day. I don’t have that so far. Hmmm interesting and great.

I also realized I don’t have an achy hip (hurt since being pregnant with Kamea for about 7 years – mostly bothersome with short periods last year where it was better – but then bothersome again until now).

I also have a flaky scalp sometimes. Not sure if it’s my lack of washing hair (I wash 1-2 times a week) or what but it’s annoying. I will be paying attention to see if that improves. (Update: Scalp actually DID improve. I didn’t expect that and glad to experience it.)

I’m not surprised anymore that I continue to feel well. My skin is the best it’s been in my whole life and that tells me something. I’ve always felt that skin health is a window into the body’s health and to have such soft, clear skin during this carnivore diet is telling. Wounds heal faster, too. I sure am curious as to whether that’s from the carnivore diet. I mean, it must be, but I remain a shocked person through all of this. Yet not.

I still don’t know my stance on coffee. I love it so much. I think that I want to get off it, yet I find equally that I don’t. ☕️ So for now, I’m drinking it. My caffeine intake isn’t super high because I mix decaf into the mix.

I also want to start eating just two meals a day and maybe shoot for some days with just one meal, though I’d probably need coffee for that. Coffee is satiating for me. I’d like to see what my body does when confining my eating window to 8 hours a day.

Today I’m able to try that. My last food last night was around 6pm. If I wait to eat my beef today until 10am I’ll get the 16 hour fast. Eating enough at both the 10am and 6pm meals makes it easy to stay satiated.

Coffee ☕️

Decaf ☕️

1+ lb Ribeye 🥩 (10:45am)

Coffee with collagen powder (stomach ache 2 hours later – wonder if it’s the collagen as I had a stomach ache before with it)

4 slices Bacon, Beef patty, 2 Chicken sausage (6:30pm)


Feb 20 (Day 49)

To maintain the 8 hour only eating window today I’ll need to wait until 1030 to eat but we’re selling the car today at 11 since we’re selling everything to live abroad out of a suitcase (backpack for me). I think I’ll break my fast with buttered coffee, bacon and cheese that I’ll eat as I’m heading out the door to ensure a 10:30 start time at the earliest. OR! We might stop at Chipotle after the car so maybe I can hold out until 12? Yeah, I’ll push it and wait until Chipotle.

Coffee ☕️

Decaf ☕️

2 strips bacon

7 smoked oysters from a can (not my favorite but convenient)

Coffee ☕️

Steak bowl from Chipotle (just steak ~9 oz I’d guess)

3 ounces cheese (I was a ways out from food and wanted something to tide me over. Cheese works like a charm.)

1 lb ground beef patties

Feb 21 (Day 50)


BIG buttered decaf (had to be away from kitchen in the morning so packed buttered coffee)

1 lb ribeye



1 lb ribeye

Feb 22 (Day 51)


Jasmine green tea

Big buttered decaf 10am

1/2 lb patties 11am

Ribeye 5:45pm

Feb 23 (Day 52)

Coffee ☕️

Canned Tuna and canned sockeye mix

Buttered coffee

4 pork beef brats

Buttered decaf

Feb 24 (Day 53)

Coffees just going to keep drinking it for now

2 beef patties w cheese

3 pork beef brats

1 lb ribeye

Feb 25 (Day 54)



1 brat

1 hotdog

2oz patty

7 oz ribeye 🥩

Feb 26 (Day 55)

Coffees n Tea



Feb 27 (Day 56)

Coffees n Tea


Ground beef patties

Feb 28 (Day 57)

Coffees n Tea ☕️ 🍵 (I added whipping cream in today’s coffee for a lovely change) I also did more decaf today than regular.

Ribeye 🥩

Ribeye 🥩

March 1(Day 58)

I continue to like the carnivore diet. Not too surprisingly, my mom is much intrigued now and wasn’t at all before, though supportive. I’m very eager for her results. She started 2 days ago with a transition into carnivore diet.

Greg had a stomach ache a couple nights ago, maybe from too much coffee though he decided to eat some dried fruit and nut balls. He said he was fine after. So, he’s been without carbs except for that for about 5 days maybe? He’s not loving it as much as me. He loves the extra protein and he’s cool with eating carnivore for his first and second meals. However he works late in the night and it’s at those times that he feels like he’s fasting on meat and he still would like some other choices that are not meat to be satisfied. Or his love for beer appears. So for the next week he’s going to be carnivore by day and then if he snacks at night it might be low-carb or to drink a beer, but we’ll see.

I’m not in the pushing people to do this if they don’t love it as much as me. I was curious how he would gain strength in the gym and I was curious if he would notice a difference in brainpower if he were Keto, but he pretty much has strong brain power right now anyway. And ever since we stopped eating vegan he has less inflammation.

Coffee and Tea (when will I reduce this? I guess never)

Coffee with cream



4 smoked oysters from a can

3 raw egg yolks (had upset stomach and I think it was the raw eggs)

March 2 (Day 59)

Coffee and green tea

Decaf Coffee with cream



March 3 (Day 60)

Coffee and green teas


2 raw egg yolks (no digestive upset)


Links for more reading on the carnivore diet:

https://zerocarbzen.com/about-me/ (interesting story and I like her useful link on “adaptation”)

http://www.empiri.ca/2012/08/my-carnivorous-diet.html (humble and smart gal writing a lot about carnivory and what it did for her)


“Public health officials and nutrition experts love to sing the praises of the virtuous cruciferous vegetable family. We are told that these pungent plants can fight off cancer, strengthen our immune system, and leap tall buildings in a single bound. But could crucifers have a dark side?” http://www.diagnosisdiet.com/is-broccoli-good-for-you/ (article questions broccoli benefits)

“We are told that vegetables are powerful and virtuous—that they fight off cancer, sweep our digestive systems clean, and strengthen our immune system —that they can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Yet vegetables have a dark side. They don’t want to be eaten any more than animals do, and use sophisticated chemical weapons to defend themselves…


“The word fiber conjures up wholesome, earthy-crunchy images of squeaky clean intestines and free-flowing coronary arteries. Yet fiber is not a nutrient at all, and is not absorbed by our bordies. What is fiber? What is the difference between soluble and insoluble fiber, is it really healthy for us, and do we even need to eat it?”

http://www.diagnosisdiet.com/food/fiber/ (is fiber needed???)

“Poor cholesterol—so misunderstood. All animal cells require cholesterol for proper structure and function. The vast majority of cholesterol in the body does not come directly from foods like eggs and meat, but from the liver, which can make cholesterol out of anything we eat. So, if cholesterol-rich foods don’t cause high cholesterol, what does?”

http://www.diagnosisdiet.com/food/cholesterol/ (Great article on cholesterol)

The Carnivore Diet: Is Eating ONLY Meat Healthy, or Totally F@#$ing Crazy? https://www.onnit.com/academy/the-carnivore-diet/

I liked this testimonial too. Keep in mind it is just a testimonial like what you have read about my experience here. http://www.justkeeppushing.com/how-i-lost-17-pounds-in-one-month-on-the-carnivore-diet/

Meatheals is loaded with testimonials.

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