I’m going on a huge life adventure and traveling the world with my family. We have been planning it for over a year and we leave sometime in the spring or early summer of 2018.

In my planning, I wanted to find some sort of travel notebook / journal. I like having paper and pen / pencil on hand at all times to jot notes, doodle, make lists, track things, write quotes from books, etc. Therefore, I wanted something like that for travel. Something a bit special.

I went to amazon.com for research, of course.

I learned that there are many travel journal options with this neat form where there are removable / refillable inserts. Whoa, mind blown. I’ve always just bought new notebooks but the idea that I can keep the same shell of the notebook while using refills for the paper… well, I got a bit excited. I’m probably late to the game in knowing this, but better late than never. 🙂

Image from Wanderings. See that multiple removable notebooks?

*Note that image above is from Wanderings website and shows the multi-refillable-inserts but it’s in the bigger size. I received the “pocket” size journal.

So, after seeing that I had some options with respect to refill-style journals, I started reading reviews and checking out sizes.

I knew that while traveling I’ll be embracing minimalism just like I do here. If I had my way, I’d travel with only one carry-on bag but I simply can’t see how to do that when I need:

  • Various seasons of clothes (potentially) – like jacket, boots, etc.
  • Nicer things for Europe?
  • Vitamins (I have no idea what will be available when we get there)
  • Chef / Kitchen knives (possibly other kitchen utensils too; I mean might as well if I have a suitcase)
  • First-aid stuff
  • A couple books for homeschool to start plus some art supplies.

As you can see, I can’t put that all in a small carry-on, so we’ll each bring a suitcase. Maybe down the road we will learn enough about the various areas of the world such that I can get away with toting along much less. That would be awesome. Until that time though…

I still want to find ways to pack minimally. So, I was looking for a smaller journal to take.

I found one. It’s by Wanderings (appropriate name).

It’s awesome. Dare I say, “Magical?”

I swear when I hold it in my hand, it feels like a miniature little magic book of spells, but instead it holds some secrets to my life.

Let me back up a bit. I saw the journal that I thought would fit the bill, and I wrote to them and asked for one to review. They finally said yes and here I am reviewing it – with a glowing review.

Here’s what I love about the journal, which I’d buy even if I weren’t traveling.

  • I love the size, though you can buy larger. I want small to fit in my back pocket or purse. Minimalism.
  • I love the refillable paper inserts. I fit in three mini insert books at a time which enables me separation within the journal. In other words, it gives me segments for the journal so I can have one area for doodles, another for blog ideas, another for inspiring quotes, recipe ideas, etc.
  • I LOVE love love the cover. The genuine full-grain leather feels and smells amazing. Again, it’s a bit magical to me. Maybe I’m into fairies, gnomes, and crystals too much, but I get a little shiver of excitement just holding the thing.
  • It’s a perfect gift for any kid. My daughter loves it for drawing when we’re running errands and she likes using it as a field journal to take notes in nature.
  • If you’re looking for a gift for anyone – he/she will enjoy getting a Wanderings Journal. I recommend! 🙂

From Amazon.com’s description…

Most journals aren’t with you for a lifetime. The full grain leather refillable Wanderings notebook will stand the test of time.

Best enjoyed with a cup of tea and a thundering rainstorm, or perhaps the bustle of a busy train station in a city far from home. Some carry this notebook with them to capture those scraps of fleeting everyday wisdom, some to complete their days work, and others still simply as a companion on an epic journey. How will your story begin?

Here are 8 reasons you and the Wanderings notebook will live happily ever after together

1. Customizable – Refills are available online with blank, lined, scrap booking, graph paper, planner paper, and many others! Wanderings-brand refills are available on Amazon

2. Classic, antique vintage, rustic, retro… It’s a companion that will always be by your side, or a gift that will never be forgotten

3. Fountain pen friendly – If you seek high-quality stationary, look no further.

4. Many uses – Writing personal thoughts, jotting down ideas, sketchbook, daily planner, field notes, poetry, traveler’s notebook, or a blank slate for anything else you can dream up

5. Handmade quality – Dark coffee brown genuine full grain leather cover that ages exactly how high quality leather should

6. Leather and elastic closure doubles as a handy dandy pen holder.

7. Backed by a LIFETIME Guarantee! – Order the Wanderings Notebook and you risk nothing

Scroll up and click on the Add to Cart button to have your Wanderings Notebook shipped today. If you’re not fully satisfied simply return it using our lifetime no questions asked warranty.

8. It’s pocket-sized so you can take it with you anywhere! Traveling, at work, in the library or cafe. The passport size is made for an everyday adventurer

90 double sided blank unlined pages

5.1 x 4 inches (dimensions while closed)

# Ships from the USA

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