Have you heard of Tieks? They’re super cute ballet flats and super cool (they fold in half!).

I came across the awesomeness of Tieks shoes last year when researching what women were wearing while traveling. Turns out they’re mega popular because they indeed fold in half for ease of traveling, and they’re also mega comfortable.

Tieks folded

As I think about what to pack for our move abroad, I need to be smart about it. I’m trying to pack as little as possible, following the advice of digital nomad after digital nomad about packing way less than you think you should. I bought myself the practical, smart, and clever Minaal backpack (after MUCH research for the perfect backpack for me – more on that in another post).

Shoes though… are tricky because they can take up a lot of space and you usually need more than one pair. Fitness shoes, dress shoes, casual shoes, etc.

Turns out that Tieks are an ideal solution! For starters, you can wear them with pretty much any outfit from getting a bit dressy to being super casual. Everyone raves that they’re verrrrrrrry comfortable. Plus, they’re compact when folded. I mean, come on, how neat-o is that?!

So I put them on my wish list.

But, I didn’t know if I’d actually buy them. Ever.

Because they cost $175!

They must be fucking very nice for that price. If I’m going to spend that much on a pair of shoes, then I want them really comfortable, really stylish or at least very cute, and I want them to last.

Well? Mom bought me a pair! Wow. How cool?!

Wearing Tieks

I just got them and I’ve been wearing them around the house.

They’re lovely and the packaging is ridiculously cute. They send them with a cute bow, personal written note, and a little bag.

Tieks folded

Yay! World travel, here I come. I can see myself walking all over Italy in them, eating gelato (or pizza, or drinking coffee). More on that in the next post, because guess what? We leave in March.

Bottom line: Tieks are great.

I think they’ll be worth the price, if they last as many other reviewers promise they will. They are made of the finest Italian leather, hand-stitched full-grain leather insole, cushioned back, signature Tiek Blue sole and stripe, flexible and durable, non-skid rubber soles. The story is that a pair of Tieks takes 3 days and 150 steps to make.

Tieks on my feet

Another worthy mention is how amazing their return policy and customer service are. I figured I’d be a size 10 but I wasn’t sure. I ordered the 10. I got them and wondered if they were too small, so I got online and asked to exchange for a size 11. They said, keep the 10 size for now, we’ll send the 11 along with a return postage-paid slip. Pick which pair is better and return the other. Wow, that was awesome, helpful, and easy.

Once the size 11 arrived, I still couldn’t figure which pair to keep, so I called them. The Tieks gal walked me through different aspects of what to expect with them. She said that while I’m home I should put a 10 on one foot and an 11 on the other, and walk around for awhile. When I did that it became so clear which was the winning size. 10.

Given the comfort, style, quality, customer service… they’re very much worth the price tag.

Beware though – They have a gazillion colors so it’s reeeeeaaalllllly hard to choose. I know that’s why tons of women have taken to collecting them. For me? I’m happy with black. If I have more then I will suffer from decision-making fatigue and I’ve spent too much time the past three years designing my life to avoid that. Basic black it is for me. 🙂

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