We finally left for our world travel, moving abroad as digital nomads yesterday. It was a long day as we traveled via frugal discount airlines to get from Phoenix, Arizona to Denmark (booked through Kiwi Travel). Two of the planes were delayed and we arrived late in the end, but I have to say, I did quite well physically and mentally given the 24 hour day. I attribute it to getting a few hours of sleep on one of the planes, having gotten a good night’s sleep the night before leaving, and staying fairly nourished on my carnivore diet which has essentially no carbs. I say “fairly” nourished because my choices were limited while traveling.

Eating carnivore while traveling wasn’t too hard.

I planned well with grass-fed beef sticks, a can of tuna, and water. I also started the day stuffing myself with burger patties (would’ve preferred a ribeye but I was all out). When we were at the airport in Los Angeles I found a Starbucks which offered bacon, egg, cheese sandwiches (and the like) as well as sous vide eggs with bacon and cheese in them. I opted for a couple of the sandwiches and dug out the middles, discarding the bread. I also went for some of the sous vide eggs.

Starbucks sous vide egg bites

In hindsight, I should have only bought the sous vide eggs for value. That said, they were flavorless. I also had a couple of decaf iced americanos (throughout the day) to experience satiety and deliciousness. And, because, COFFEE. (Clearly I haven’t dropped the habit.)

When we arrived in the Denmark airport, I opened up the tuna and was really glad I brought it.

Canned tuna in Denmark airport

I did, however, get dehydrated with all of the flying.

I didn’t get enough water to drink, and it hit me hard the morning I woke up after arriving. To tell you the truth, it was just too much carrying everything that I didn’t make extra water a priority. Lesson learned. I had an intense headache, felt very weak, and experienced dizziness. I went into the bathroom to drink water from the faucet and immediately felt better. I’m glad it wasn’t anything else.

It didn’t hit me that we’re in Europe, and no longer in the United States, until the morning after arrival when we were sitting quietly at the table. We had settled in, had breakfast (water, coffee, beef sticks and eggs for me), and I stared out the window to the winter wonderland. It was an empowering and peaceful feeling. We set out with a plan over a year ago. Month by month we accomplished various tasks to prepare for this. It worked. We did it. We moved abroad to travel the world.

Snow fall in Denmark

So, here we are. In Europe. I miss my mom and her home, to be sure, and I also feel a calm and excitement about the adventure we began. I’m researching grocery stores, parks, and maps for living in Denmark the next month.

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