The combination of banana and orange is very refreshing and naturally sweet. Raw banana ice cream has always been one of my staples (even during the winter months) due to it’s simplicity and it’s delightful natural creaminess. (It’s a great way to get fruit into little ones too as they feel it really IS ice cream.)

I use my Champion Juicer with the Homogenzing screen to make the Raw ice cream using frozen bananas. (That’s it…JUST frozen bananas!!)

To make the float……(oh so simple) ……… I place my ice cream in a glass and pour over freshly squeezed orange juice. There you have it. This can be eaten/drank as a breakfast dish (as I often do) or as an afternoon ‘refresher’ in the summer hot months or even as a dessert.

Due to my love of this combination of orange and banana, I also make a smoothy out of the 2 ingredients often too. It’s Rawloulou’s take on ‘Nana Mylk’. (Which is frozen bananas blended with water as a dairy milk replacement or drink.)

Instead of adding water to the frozen blended bananas, I replace it with freshly squeezed orange juice and this is such a divine drink.  This is one of my favorites to offer as a ‘non alcoholic’ beverage for aperitif times with friends. It goes down very well I must say.


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