Melons, any melons, including water melon should be consumed on an empty stomach and on it’s own. The reason behind this is because it is the easiest fruit your body can assimilate and therefore, passes through your system the quickest. If it is consumed with other foods, this assimilation is delayed and it can ferment in your stomach and cause gas or bloating etc.

I LOVE melons, all kinds. The galia melon is the fruit highest in vitamin B complex (which is a great ‘hang over’ cure as alcohol can deplete these vitamins extensively.) The water melon is also high in vitamins A and C and even contains vitamin B6.

Water melon blended up is a great post work out treat as it contains sodium and potassium (which via a strenuous workout, are released naturally from your body by sweating) therefore, this is a great way to replenish lost sodium and potassium levels.

I simply slice up the water melon but keep one slice with the skin and white pith on….the reason for this is because, although we nearly always discard the skin, it is in fact just as nutritional as the flesh and the seeds themselves. Don’t add too much of the skin as it has a bitter taste to it but I found, one slice with skin on is the correct balance for my taste.

Water melon contains magnesium and manganese and is considered to be an antioxidant therefore helps release free radicals in the body.
Use a high speed blender to create this one ingredient smoothy/drink with ice and enjoy!!

Protein and fibre are also present in water melon and due to it’s high natural water content, it hydrates your body with the ‘good’ stuff!!

About half an hour after my water melon drink, I had a fresh fruit salad. I LOVE the marriage of MINT with fruit so I always add it to my fruit salads with a squeeze of orange juice to keep the banana from browning (oxidizing).


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