I was reading Dr. Mercola’s book, Fat for Fuel, and I came upon an interesting section about earthing and its benefits for mitochondrial health.

What is earthing?

It’s basically taking benefit by being in direct contact with the ground, as the ground gives off beneficial electrons that can be transferred to your body. If… you’re barefoot or wearing the proper “earthing” shoes. If… you’re on the proper walking surface (sand, grass, soil, unsealed concrete, brick, and ceramic tile – according to Dr. Mercola).

Earthing proponents claim it can speed wound healing, help diminish the negative effect of EMF, promote sleep, relieve pain, and lower inflammation.

I have to admit, I’m both fascinated and skeptical about it… more fascinated though.

I can’t help but feel certain positive feelings and energy when I’m in nature, standing barefoot on the grass, taking in the sunshine, and looking up into the blue sky. It’s energizing. I want more of that feeling in everyday life and it appears in order to make that happen I need to wear earthing shoes since I can’t always walk around barefoot.

Even being unsure as to the validity of it… it’s like, well it can’t hurt, right? I mean, just in case there’s truth to it then I’ll be ready for the taking when I’m wearing shoes that connect me to the earth. It’s a “might as well” option in my mind.

When I was a kid, I had these awesome ankle-high white moccasins with adorable fringe. My favorite part about them was there was no sole on them, it was just the actual leather only between me and the ground. Gosh, I miss those.

Anyway, I went to Amazon and looked for “earthing shoes” and I was immediately drawn to the moccasins I saw.

Next, I took note of the name and researched them on google: The Brown Bear selling moccasins out of Canada. They’re 100% Huron Native Made. I mean they’re not the same style as what I wore as a kiddo, but they’ll work. Still cute. They’re called “ballet slipper moccasins for earthing and minimalism.” I reached out to them and asked for a pair to try.

So, here I am wearing these adorable moccasins – preferring they are connecting me to the earth.

And, even if they aren’t, they’re comfy, made with the softest leather, and fun to wear. Plus, I have to admit, I feel a bit bad-ass wearing something so primitive.

Everywhere I go I receive compliments on them, so there’s that, too. The company says that I’ll wear them down sooner than later if I wear them on concrete but I can’t help myself because I enjoy wearing them most places.

Check them out here!

I told them I wanted them to make a pair with this earthing technology but as a knee-high boot. That would be fucking bad-ass! They said if they had enough requests … 🙂

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