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I found about Brene Brown via Tim Ferriss’ book Tools of Titans. Yeah, I know, I keep talking about that book. What can I say? It moved me quite a bit. I wasn’t expecting it, in spite of being a Tim Ferriss fan. Whoa, I took a lot of notes. I liked it so much that even though I’ve borrowed it from the library twice, I’ll be purchasing the kindle version to take abroad when we move.

One of the sections includes Brene Brown. From Tools of Titans, I learned that Brene Brown had given a Ted talk (I always like those) which was in the top 5 of most being watched in the world. More than 31-million views. 31,000,000!

I thought, well I gotta check this out.

And ya know what? It was good. It was really good.

So good … that I’ve watched it five times (plus the follow up video she did a few years later). Then, I went to the library and checked out all of her books. Then, I went to iTunes and searched for podcast interviews featuring her, and I started listening to those. She’s awesome.

In a nutshell, Brene Brown studies human connection and tells stories throughout. You’ll be thoughtful and laughing at the same time, while watching her videos.


The first talk… The Power of Vulnerability


The follow up talk… Listening to Shame


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