The time is here! We’re moving abroad in the first week of March – fewer than 14 days away!

The Happiest Places on Earth 😃 pictured above… we intend to check every one of them out, plus so much more. I want to explore it all! Well most of it at least – I’m going to be leery of places with too many mosquitos, etc.

My family of three is going to travel the world, slowly (a.k.a. Slow Travel), in a digital nomad format. Greg works online. I work online. It all makes sense. 🗺

We want to experience other cultures and learn other languages. We want Kamea to see other parts of the world and see there are other ways to do things. Other ways to live.

We literally sold it all – we’re left with very few possessions and it feels fucking great!

  • The lease ended on our condo so we have no mortgage or rent. 🏡
  • We sold our car and stopped all insurances (bought some travel health insurance). 🚙
  • We donated / sold / threw away everything else. 👚👕👠👝

We started this plan about 15 months ago, and here we are. It’s finally here. Wow. 📝

We always knew we wanted to travel the world extensively, even before having our daughter. We spent many nights talking late into the night about how we envisioned ourselves with laptops 💻 writing on the Amalfi Coast.

Time passed though, 10 years, and I kept wondering when we’d do it. The question was how to afford it? Then, I read Global Student and realized families were doing this. They were selling it all to travel the world, and you know what? They’re saving big bucks doing it.

When you don’t have monthly expenses in the USA 🇺🇸 you can spend that money living elsewhere.

The only things left to do:

  • Figure out our cell phone situation with SIM cards. 📱
  • Pack – 🎒 I am determined to pack lightly but challenged because the weather will be varied. Our trip starts in chilly Denmark. 🇩🇰
  • Figure out absentee ballot process. 🗳

We will miss our moms though. That’s the hardest part of it all. 💗

Stay tuned to our travels as we write about them on my blog and create YouTube videos. If you have questions for me, hit me up on Twitter.

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