With Love From an Almost Empty Nest

Since arriving back home from New Zealand it’s been a swirl of adventure with the start of school, my daughter moving out, then my son moving out and now, after all that swirl, I find myself in a really quiet, REALLY clean house.

You do your best for the years that you have the job, and then one day, ready or not, it’s time to pass the hat. Your little rascals go off to forge their own path through the forest. My oldest little rascal has chosen to forge her path with a 6’4″ tall giant who has a heart of gold, and is living in another province.

empty nest, Tera Warner, Mika Botkin, Moving outIt’s tricky to reconcile what you want for your kids with what they want for themselves. You have to bite your tongue and fingernails sometimes while they learn things the hard way.

Usually a simple glance at my own past is enough to shut me up. 🙂 These days I hear a lot of:

“I’m just telling you to share, Mom.
I wasn’t asking for advice. I’ve got it covered. I love you.”

That’s good news, right?   I’d like to think letters like this one paid off!

I’ll share more about Sebastian in another email. He’s coming on 15, but has changed schools and will be living with his Dad full time this year. I’ll still be helping out, but in very different ways and largely from a distance.

I’ve created some really helpful productivity tools for him this year and I’m excited to try them on myself and share them with you.

WARNING: With a lot less hustle in my base camp, you could be hearing from me more often. 😉  I promise to keep it short, and as valuable for you as possible.

On that note, I thought you might appreciate a peek at the podcasts and blog articles I posted over the summer. I found these SUPER inspiring, and hope you will, too:

I Went Wild This Summer on WISHRadio!

You can find full transcripts to all of these interviews here on the blog and there will be links in all of the podcast posts!

At this point I’d usually tell you I’m off to do some “oh-so-demanding” things with my kids. Today, I’m going to head outside for a walk in the end of summer sun and check my phone 30 times (just in case)! 😉 Thanks for being here. Especially this week!! You helped me stop re-re-re-organizing my cupboards and over-communicating to guinea pigs.

🙂 Love,


empty nest, Tera Warner, newsletter, Mika Botkin, parenting

With Love From an Almost Empty Nest

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