Toss your potato wedges in Parmesan (Parmigiano Reggiano) for beautiful, savoury caramelisation. Roast. Dip in pesto. The end.

Or see my full recipe for Parmesan potato wedges if you want more details.

Other tips for using the umami bomb that is Parmesan:

  • Grill the rinds under high heat until toasty and bubbling. Cut into crispy cubes for superlative croutons or chop fine for a flavour-packed alternative to crunchy breadcrumbs. No waste taste.
  • Grate and sprinkle into little rounds on some baking paper and grill until bubbly. These rounds will cool and set into incredibly delicious  Parmesan crisps – top with something tasty for a gorgeous cheesy canapé or just shovel into your mouth before anyone else gets involved.
  • Cut into small chunks and drizzle over some good balsamic vinegar. A sweet/savoury taste sensation.
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Parmesan makes potato wedges better

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