Month: September 2018

vitamin supplements

Do I need to take vitamin supplements if I’m a vegetarian?

I’m often asked, “Do I need to take vitamin supplements if I’m a vegetarian?” Whether we are vegetarians or meat eaters, these days vitamin supplements are almost always necessary. However, many people have gone from taking no vitamins to swallowing inappropriate mega-doses of all kinds of vitamins. The use of […]

lose weight

Nutrition tips that will help you lose weight :

One of the most important aspects of weight loss is nutrition. The nutritional aspect of your journey to weight loss does not just stop with the food you eat, it also includes other factors in your eating habit. Here are some of the added nutritional tips that will help you […]

type ii diabetes

Diabetes Type I & II And What You Need To Know :

Some people have a difficult time understanding the difference between type I and type II diabetes. While there are even smaller subset groups (i.e. Gestational diabetes) the real difference is based on the following differences: Pre-diabetes: this is when your body is reaching the tipping point between toxic overload and […]