type ii diabetes

Diabetes Type I & II And What You Need To Know :

Some people have a difficult time understanding the difference between type I and type II diabetes. While there are even smaller subset groups (i.e. Gestational diabetes) the real difference is based on the following differences:


this is when your body is reaching the tipping point between toxic overload and the ability to regulate blood glucose levels. Here your body is having problems processing high levels of glucose in your blood, but the readings are not yet high enough to be called type II diabetes. For example, normal blood glucose readings are approximately 120. Pre-diabetes usually is diagnosed when readings are between 14o -16o. Even if your doctor sees elevated readings, you will typically prescribe a drug like Metfrmin, which will help regulate and control sugar levels without the need for insulin.

Type II diabetes:

typically a diagnosis of type II diabetes results when your blood those levels are above 160 and cannot be controlled very easily through diet and exercise. Although type II diabetics are not insulin-dependent as their pancreas is still producing some insulin, but not in sufficient amounts. Eventually your pancreas may stop producing insulin altogether specially if you use prescriptions.

Type I diabetes:

in this scenario type I diabetics require regular insulin shots in order to replace insulin that is not being produced by the pancreas. Continued use of insulin practically guarantees that your pancreas will never function properly because you’re introducing the required insulin into the bloodstream which prevents the restart of the pancreas.

Regardless of the actual diagnosis that you receive, dealing with both type I and type II diabetes should essentially be the same:

  • Reduce all intake of processed junk foods and processed sugars.
  • Stop drinking coffee, alcohol and sports drinks!
  • Start eating only 100% organic foods that are unprocessed and have not been with any form of pesticides or contaminants.
  • Begin detoxification of your entire body as explained in this guide later on.
  • CONSULT WITH DOCTOR : gradually reduce your diabetic medications as your body regains its health but always keep your blood glucose levels as close to normal as possible.
  • Drink the cleanest water you can find : typically this is water you may need to manufacture by using proper water filtration. The water that you drink should be 100% toxin free to find the very best water filter that removes fluorides, glyphosates, and other of dangerous and poisonous toxins. Do not drink municipal city water, do not drink bottled water, rather manufacture your own. I highly suggest looking into a Berkey water filter as this is one of the best water filters you can purchase.

I cannot emphasize enough how drinking clean water is absolutely essential to detoxification and recovery from most of the side effects of diabetes. Don’t purchase water from the grocery store, don’t buy bottled water because almost all bottled water that is sold is highly contaminated with fluoride and other minerals and toxins that are made to improve taste of bottled water but are also highly toxic.

The goal is to completely detoxify your body so that it can recover and begin functioning normally.

Manage Your Diabetes:type ii diabetes

yes it is possible to manage your diabetes until such time as you are completely detoxified. Below are the steps that most people go through before they realize it is just managing their diabetes. I wanted to present this because the medical model does work to manage diabetes and this is the first step to controlling and eventually suppressing the disease:

Being diagnosed: nothing happens in the medical world until you receive a diagnosis. While this bothers some people, being labeled a diabetic is not a death sentence unless you allow it to happen. Getting diagnosed is actually good because now you can quantify exactly what problems you are having and how you can go about correcting it.

Receiving the final diagnosis: most doctors will attempt to discern whether or not you are pre-diabetic first. If you happen to be pre-diabetic, there is still hope because you are capable of preventing full-blown diabetes by making some lifestyle changes at this point. Pre-diabetes is fully curable. This is where the false assumption that diabetics are simply fat, lazy and sit around all day eating sugar. In reality we now know that toxic overload is the main reason why you are receiving the diagnosis.

Follow your doctor’s orders: it is at this point that your doctor will give you a selection of different medications. I strongly suggest you follow the advice at first .

The first way to wellness, is accept your illness